Central Transport Ministry Brings In New Registration Laws For Vintage And Classic Vehicles.

Your prized vintage car possessions would now need to be registered in a different fashiion, and it is not hectic to get it done either!

The ministry of road transport , India has finally revived the rules for vintage vehicles’ registration, published a draft containing new regulations of rules regarding registration, certification of any passenger 4-wheeler or two wheeler, at least 50 years old. Under this, getting a new certificate for your vintage possession will cost you INR 20,000, valid for 10years and renewal afterwards will cost Rs. 5000 every 10 years.

The revision in laws would also mean that the Vintage cars would now have a new set of registration plates. Classic and vintage vehicles are to get a new format in 10-digit alpha numeric style like every other vehicle. Since the vintage and classic vehicles are to be registered under State Registering Authority, the format goes like ‘XX VA YY NNNN’, where XX denotes the state code, VA for vintage vehicle, YY for alphabetic series and ‘NNNN’ the unique number between 1 and 9999.

To put more light on this new lettering, a random vintage vehicle’s plate registering in Karnataka could read “KA VA BJ 1234. Since it is directly registered under State’s Registering Authority, the plates won’t have a number series to represent particular regional transport authorities.

The vehicle’s age alone won’t make it fit for retaining its registration, the draft rules also make it clear that the vehicle should be in its original form without any significant changes to its chassis, body shell and engine. The Vintage Motor Vehicles State/Union Territory Committee has the authority to cancel the request if the vehicle doesn’t meet the proper criteria.

These vehicles would be restricted from being daily drivers, but can be run on Indian roads for the purpose display, technical research, refuelling and maintenance, exhibitions and Vintage rallies.

The buying and selling aren’t denied, however, the buyer and the seller should inform their respective state transport authorities within 90 days of sale or purchase, like every other vehicle.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons