Mahindra To Unveil BEV Range Today: Last Moment Sneak Peek!

5 Born Electric SUVs will premiere at 5pm today

Mahindra is all set to unveil 5 full electric SUVs on August 15, 2022, when India celebrates its 76th independence day. The five vehicles were recently teased via a number of videos and pictures. These will be unveiled at 5 pm, in a special event, in Oxfordshire, UK. Before we get to witness the launch in real, here are a few things we know about these…

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The BEV range would be made in M.A.D.E

Mahindra’s born electric range has been designed and developed at the Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (M.A.D.E) facility in West Midlands, UK. Renowned designer Pratap Bose, known for his time and designs with Tata Motors, is now heading Mahindra’s design. In one of our previous interviews, Bose had detailed MADE and its role.

Possible Names

A recent trademark leak shows 8 different names being registered by Mahindra and Mahindra: XUV e1, XUV e2, XUV e3, XUV e5, XUV e6, XUV e7, XUV e8, XUV e9. The name XUV e4 was discarded recently. The carmaker could use these 8 names for the electric vehicle range (or these could remain mere showcar names!). This indicates the possible launch of 8 EVs in the time ahead, 5 of which would break veils today. Rumors suggest electric versions of Thar and Scorpio could be in plans for the future!

What Could Be The 5 EVs?

We speculate that the 5 SUVs that would make their premieres today would include some very interesting models. There could be SUV coupes and possibly an electric version of the XUV700 (something that could bear the name XUV800 upon launch). XUV900 could apparently be the ICE coupe based on XUV700, and the electric derivative of this is expected to be out today, with chances of being named XUV 1000 in production guise. There could also be smaller EVs probably based on the XUV300 lined up for today.

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Expectations From Mahindra BEV Range

Mahindra born electric SUVs are expected to come with exciting specifications, features and technology. They are hoped to be capable of doing 80 kph in normal mode and there would obviously be a dedicated Sport mode. Commendable thermal management, engaging dynamics, good performance, desirable range figures and lowest-in-the-segment charging time are expected on these vehicles.

The born electric SUVs will offer comfortable cabin experiences and would come feature-packed. Things like ADAS, electric smart door handle, 360 camera, premium audio, etc are to be expected. There will be a lot to talk about on the safety front as well.

Let’s wait for the official unveil to find out more…