Mahindra Scorpio (Z101 SUV) Teased Without Camo In Official Video

Mahindra’s new video delivers a quick first look at the new Z101 SUV, and boy we love it!

We have been waiting for the all-new Mahindra Scorpio for a very long time. Several instances of test mules being spied across the nation have given out much detail about the new Scorpio. Indicating an imminent launch, Mahindra has recently been creating much buzz around the Scorpio, via digital content. Here is the newest piece- a short, dramatic teaser video that flashes the curves and lines of the new Scorpio (which the carmaker prefers to call the ‘ Z101 SUV’ for the time being) without any camo.

The clip’s storyline seems engaging till when the SUV finally robs the show with its ‘desi swag’! Hints to all key exterior design details are now out and we’ve loved every bit of it. Before getting to our first impressions, here’s the video for you to watch and have as a reference for the rest of this article.

Youtube video: Mahindra Scorpio (Z101 SUV) teaser

Mahindra Scorpio (Z101 SUV) Design: First Look Impressions

The short flashes towards the end of the teaser video are quite loud about what is in store. The new Scorpio would have strong visual connections to the OG Scorpio, the one that we’ve all adored, in the overall design. The resemblance, we think, is the strongest at the front. The new vehicle gets the nameplate’s familiar bluff nose design. The grille gets vertical chrome-clad slats with great detailing- a signature of every modern-day Mahindra. We love the way Mahindra’s new logo is placed here, and how well it gels with the overall grille design.

The headlamps look modern, sophisticated, and like an obvious evolution of the OG scorpio’s lamps. Stylish LED DRLs are placed on the front bumper, near the neat fog lamps. The bumper, its air-dam, and the fog lamp housings are so styled to highlight the overall width of the vehicle.

The new Scorpio seems to have grown fairly in size. Though a little of this is depicted in the video, we have seen its sheer size in previous spy pictures. It is tall, wide and long. To highlight this bulk, Mahindra calls the vehicle ‘The Big daddy of SUVs’ and even goes to the extent of saying ‘It is so big even the big will feel small!’ in the video. Mahindra campaigns should really be taken as references for successfully cooking hype around a product, that would gradually translate to sales. I mean I ain’t surprised. All the Scorpio ads were among the neatest and most compelling ones of their time!

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The visual bulk however, seems to have been taken care of wisely. The front, as mentioned already, looks great. From whatever’s been depicted in the teaser, the profile would have a neat window line, with a loud kink at the D pillar. The door handles are shown to be normal hinge type units, and the alloys (which we suppose, are 18 inchers) look neat.

Though not much of it is shown in the film, the rear too should have a clutter-free design, with LED tail lamps, rear fog lamps and skid plates on the bumpers. Going by the video, we felt the rear overhang design to distantly resemble that of the previous Tata Safari Storme. Besides, tall pillars, upright stance, and large green house- signature ethos of the OG Scorpio, have all been retained intact.

While we wait for the official unveiling, here are some trivia about the new Scorpio:

  • Mahindra has not yet called this SUV the new ‘Scorpio’. All the campaign films and official communication have used ‘Z101 SUV’- essentially the internal nomenclature used for this product. Getting this late to call it the ‘Scorpio’ brings us to the suspicion of the carmaker mulling over a variation of the ‘Scorpio’ moniker. (Like how Bolero spawned Bolero Neo) While this would mostly remain a wild, barely realistic assumption, we do know that Mahindra would place the Scorpio in the D segment, and against the likes of Tata Safari and MG Hector, where this Indian SUV would have a clear upper hand in capability, courtesy of its Ladder-frame chassis and RWD setup.
  • The Scorpio would offer a very comfortable cabin experience. In a series of recent spy shots, the Z101’s cabin design was revealed almost completely. The vehicle would offer features like a larger touchscreen infotainment system, rear AC venrs, sunroof, roof mounted speakers, wireless charger etc. Even things like a 360 camera, and HUD are expected on the higher variants. It would have most of the XUV 700’s features, alongside a few extras.

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Mahindra Scorpio (Z101 SUV) Specifications: Engine, Transmission, Platform

The new Scorpio would be underpinned by an improved ladder-frame chassis, and would mostly borrow its engines and transmissions from the XUV 700, but in different states of tune. As the rumour has it, the power outputs could be brought down on the Z101, and diesel engines would offer selectable drive modes too.

Z101 Mahindra Scorpio Release Date

Though there is no word on the exact date yet, Mahindra is hoped to reveal the production Z101 in the coming months. More details about the interior, features, and powertrains are expected to be out by then…

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