Meru Gives Major Banks 200 Cabs For Employee Commute!

Employees of SBI, Kotak Mahindra, Barclays, RBL and Union Bank can now avail Meru cabs for their essential office commute

India’s leading app-based ride-hailing cab operator Meru has partnered with the country’s major banks to facilitate their employee commute. Employees of banking majors like SBI, Kotak Mahindra, Barclays, RBL, and Union Bank can now avail Meru cabs for their essential travel needs. During the challenging times of today, Meru is providing ozone sanitized fleet of cars for a risk-free commute. The service provider currently has a fleet of over 200 vehicles employed to provide safe, hygienic and stress-free commute to the bank employees. Sources have revealed that Meru is planning to launch another 800 cabs soon for the same, in the coming weeks.

Mahindra and Mahindra holds the major stake in Meru. Its present association with the banks comes into existence against the backdrop of the latter functioning actively at the times of COVID 19 Coronavirus outbreak and with all of them insisting on absolute employee safety at all times. This collaboration would be a great boon to those who lack their own means of commute.

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The service provider takes immense care in ensuring passenger safety. All the cars are sanitized using Ozone gas(O3), so as to minimize the chances of any possible bacteria or virii existing inside them. The drivers are also being trained to observe acute personal hygiene and make generous use of hand sanitizers and face masks while changing them regularly. Also, cashless payments are being entertained more so as to avoid the farthest chances of personal contact.

Since Meru has been training and instructing the driver-partners so well and so strictly, our only concern about this initiative remains about the passengers observing hygiene during their ingress and egress. The door handles can be risky even after all these measures being taken. Thus, it is advisable that the passengers sanitize their hands after getting in contact with them and wear face masks during the entire commute.

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