The New Bentley Continental GT 2024 To Have 771 Hp!

The fourth-generation Bentley Continental GT will debut in June

Bentley is readying its new Continental GT and there’s a lot to get excited about it. The car will hit its fourth generation with the update, expected to be revealed this June. The new Bentley Continental GT 2024 will have a hybrid V8 powertrain, as per sources. The ‘Edition 8’, unveiled recently, was the final Bentley Conti with a pure V8.

What To Expect From Bentley Continental GT 2024?

The Continental GT first debuted in 2003 and over the years, rose to acceptance among the affluent. The final pure ICE version- the Edition 8– stands close to the facelifted Continental GT with its design. However, the upcoming Continental GT 2024 is expected to look fresh and stylish while retaining the brand’s signature cues.

Bentley recently released the preview images of the upcoming car, which look great though camo-ed. The specifications have also surfaced. The new Bentley Continental GT will come with Bentley’s ‘Ultra Performance Hybrid’ based on a V8. This powertrain is claimed to deliver a combined output of 771 hp and around 1000 Nm! These if you notice, are higher than the numbers of the Batur‘s W-12!

Bentley Continental GT 2024

Speaking of the hybrid tech, we are not yet told the size of the battery pack. But it is claimed to deliver 50 miles of WLTP range. The hybrid tech could add more weight to the new Continental GT but owing to the epic specifications, this could have minimal impact on actual performance.

The new Continental GT will get all-wheel steering and AWD with torque vectoring. It will also have dual-valve dampers, a limited slip differential, a 48V electric anti-roll tech etc. The brand claims the 2024 Continental GT to be the “most dynamically capable Bentley road car in the company’s 105-year history.”

No data on actual performance has been made available yet. But we presume this car to be quicker than the Continental GT Speed. To clarify further, the GT Speed takes 3.5 seconds for the 0-100 kph sprint.

New Bentley Continental GT Launch

The new Bentley Continental GT is expected to be revealed in June 2024, as a coupe. The convertible version could follow later.

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