Tata Harrier SUV Kills It In Water Wading, Amazing Footage Out! [Video]


 A video of the upcoming Tata Harrier SUV undergoing the water-wading  test is taking rounds on the internet !

You and I know that India is waiting impatiently to see the Tata Harrier, apparently the car maker’s most anticipated launch of recent times, in flesh. We have been receiving it all with much zeal every time Tata let out something new on the vehicle.

We have been trying our best to keep you updated, right from the SUV’s christening to the recent reveal of the details of it’s architecture.  And today, Tata has teased us with more proof of the Harrier’s off-roading capabilities with a video showing the SUV  wade through a troubled stream of water with ease. The prototype seems heavily camouflaged in the video implying the automaker’s determination to keep the design cues under veil till the launch. The SUV can be seen handling the fairly deep stream of water with utmost ease and efficiency  in the video. Obvious from the video is the fact that the underpinnings owing much to the Land Rover architecture are built to take the extremes when it comes to off-roading.

Miles long wordings aside, we leave you with the video itself. Watch and let us know how impressed on a scale of 5 are you with the Harrier’s abilities, through the comments…