Renault India Sales 2021: Yearly Sales Up By 19.08%

The numbers had been slow in the previous six months, despite the growth

Renault India closed 2021 with a 19.08% increase in sales over the previous year. However, it suffered a massive drop in overall Month-on-Month sales in the last six months. Renault sold 95,878 units in 2021, against the 80,518 of 2020. The French car manufacturer was able to put up a good show in the first three quarters of 2021 with handsome sales figures: 31,608 (Q1), 17,362 (Q2), 26,816 (Q3). However, Q4 saw sales plummet to 20,092 units. In Q4 last year, sales had hit a record 30,986 units.

Renault had a promising start in 2021, with the first six months seeing 48,970 units being sold, which marked an impressive 86.59% growth over the half-year figures in 2020. Of all, March was the jackpot month with the growth touching 277%; total units sold then reached 12,356 from 3,269 in March 2020.

Dismal sales performance started in September and continued till December. In November, a staggering 50% drop was recorded in Renault sales, with the figures coming down to 5,052 from the previous year’s 10,181. Here are the sales figures from the loss-making months:

MonthSales In 2021 Sales In 2020
Renault India sales: Lossmaking months in 2021

To help itself recover from the low numbers, Renault had offered discounts of up to 1,30,000 on various products. But the final sales figures from December 2021, still showed a 37% drop in overall sales, with the brand clocking 6130 units against the 9,800 units it had sold in December 2020.

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