Rumour: Royal Enfield EV Prototypes Begin Testing?

The first Royal Enfield EV could launch by 2025

Like many of its rivals, Royal Enfield too is working on a seamless shift to electric vehicles. Known for making desirable motorcycles, RE seems to be very serious about keeping this reputation safe even as they enter the EV space. In a recent interview with us, Royal Enfield’s V Jayapradeep confirmed that RE’s EV plans are already on the roll, and that extensive market research and consumer interactions are being undertaken. JP also confirmed that dedicated teams are being formed for the EV vertical. Also, the manufacturer recently announced hiring for its technology centres in the UK and India. All these hint at rapid progress being made in its EV game.

The latest rumours suspect RE to have begun the EV prototype testing in various parts of the world. These could make us raise our brows in suspicion, as the manufacturer has confirmed it multiple times, that it wouldn’t rush with the R&D. RE will not spawn mere EV-converted/ kitted products and will develop a brand new, properly engineered electric vehicle instead.

An old report suggested that the first Royal Enfield EV could launch in late 2023, entering the mid-segment and offering impressive performance and equipment levels. However, a more recent report states the launch could happen by 2025. This sounds fairly convincing to us as well.

Electric motorcycles offer better performance, features and technology than ICE motorcycles, along with relatively low running costs. These aren’t expected to change on the electric Royal Enfield either. However, RE will not ditch its focus on ICE products. It is already working on a number of interesting motorcycles like the upcoming RE Shotgun 650, Scrambler 650, and the Super Meteor 650. These would roll out in the time ahead.

Image source: Electric Vehicle Web