Studds Thunder D9 Decor Helmet Launched In India

Studds Thunder D9 Decor helmets are available in three different sizes

Two-wheeler helmets major STUDDS Accessories Ltd has launched its newest full-face helmet in the country- Studds Thunder D9. Studds Thunder D9 Decor – Mad Vampire is targeted at the style-conscious motorcyclists and is available in three different sizes- Medium (570 mm), Large (580 mm), and Extra Large (600 mm). It has a highly aerodynamic design that is equally aesthetic. The overall shape lowers the drag pressure when the vehicle is in motion, fine-tuning the ride. Thunder D9 is available in two different finishes- Gloss and Matte, and with 6 different color decal options- Black N2, Black N5, Black N10, Matt Black N2, Matt Black N5, Matt Black N10. (Explore them on the STUDDS site) The paint is UV resistant and would thus, not fade with time.

The helmet gets a Silicone coated quick-release visor (‘mirror visor’ as is better known as), high-quality fabric padding, replaceable non-allergic liner, quick release chin strap, top air vents, and air exhausts for ensuring comfortable and safe rides at all times. The Studds Thunder D9 uses a proven regulated density Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) foam and has an outer shell containing a high-impact grade of engineering thermoplastic. Priced at Rs 1,895, Studds Thunder D9 Decor is among the most stylish pocket-friendly helmets on sale here.

With the D9 debut, the Thunder decor helmet lineup has grown 9 members strong- Thunder D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9.

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