Tata Signa 3118 T Revealed, Becomes India’s First 31 Tonne 10 Wheeler Rigid Truck!

The Tata Signa 3118 T offers more operating profit over the competing 28-tonne trucks

Tata Motors has revealed India’s first 3 axle (10 wheeler) 31 tonne rigid truck in the country. Named the Signa 3118 T, the truck would bring in more operating profit for the fleet owner over the 28 tonne competitors.

With a premium in payload of over 3,500 kilos, the Signa 3118 T offers to carry more payload for equivalent fuel and maintenance costs, as a 28-tonne truck. Tata Motors claims the 3118T to bring in as much as 45% extra profit over a regular 28-tonne truck. Experts also suggest that the additional investment over a 28 tonne, which one has to put in on the 3118 T can be recovered in less than a year of operations, and what comes further is all profit!

The Tata 3118 T draws its power from a Cummins sourced BS6 diesel engine that lets our a healthy 186hp and 850Nm, mated to a 6 speed G950 transmission unit. The truck has heavy-duty axles and has been made under the ‘Power of 6 Value’ philosophy.

In terms of features, it gets a dedicated fuel economy switch, ICGT brakes, gear shift advisor, Tata Fleet Edge telematics, reverse parking assistance, air conditioning and unitised wheel bearings ( the last two are available on the Lx trim)

The Sigma 3118 T gets a 12.5-tonne dual tyre lift axle configuration for the mid-axle, which would further enhance the fuel economy and bring down maintenance costs in low-load or no load scenarios. The Sigma can carry as much as 18.5 tonnes without engaging the lift axle, and a good 31 tonne with the same in play.

Talking of the dimensions, the Tata Signa 3118 T comes in both 24 ft and 32 ft load spans and is available in LX, CX, and cowl variants.

Tata Sigma 3118 T offers the customers a warranty of up to 6 years or 6 lakh kilometers and will be offered in phases in the country. Tata Motors identifies tanker applications as a key scope for the 3118 T. With its flexible nature and increased capabilities, the Signa 3118T will find extensive use in the logistics associated with petroleum oil and lubricant (POL), chemicals, bitumen, edible oil, milk, water and the like.

Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) has certified the Signa 3118 T to be a safe 25KL POL tanker, which is, in fact, 2KL higher than the usual 10 wheeler 28 tonne trucks currently in business.


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