Tata Motors Introduces New ‘XPRES’ Sub-Brand To Cater To The Fleet Segment

The sub-brand will launch the facelifted Tigor EV as XPRES T

With a vision to milk the prospects of the fleet segment, Tata Motors has launched a sub-brand for the fleet customers by the name ‘XPRES’. Under this new brand, the manufacturer would introduce a product array that would be hand-knit for the fleet industry. These would reportedly get all boxes for fleet customers ticked, like safety, passenger comfort, and low cost of ownership. These vehicles will all have the XPRES badge, giving them distinct differentiation from the passenger vehicle array (or ‘New Forever’ range of cars and SUVs, in Tata Motors lingo)

Tata motors also announced that the first vehicle from the fleet-spec sub-brand would roll out soon, and would surprisingly be an electric sedan, dubbed XPRES-T. Consider this a neatly rebranded Tigor EV facelift. In keeping with the brand persona, the XPRES T EV will also be targeted directly at mobility services, corporate and government fleet customers. It will thus have a viable battery size and an efficient EV technology that supports fast charging.

XPRES T EV: What’s New And What’s Not?

The Tigor EV has been a decently accepted model in the fleet scene. Tata confirms that they have had over 1,700 electric sedans (read Tigor EVs) deployed in the fleet segment over the past few years. The facelifted Tigor EV, when pushed in as the XPRES T, is hoped to further expand this market presence.

Tata Motors Introduces New 'XPRES' Sub-Brand To Cater To The Fleet Segment 1

From what we have come to know of it yet, the XPRES T will borrow most of its exterior styling from the facelifted Tata Tigor, with a few exceptions like the signature EV grille. The car would also have a charging socket located in the grille, in keeping with the latest trend in the EV space.

No major changes are expected inside the cabin over a regular Tigor, but for a few EV-only bits like the Blue highlights and a tweaked instrument cluster. The XPRES T would be available in two variants- XM+ and XT+. The base XE variant on the Tigor EV will not make it to the XPRES T.

A Powertrain That Suits Fleet Businesses

The XPRES T EV will have two battery options to choose from- a 16.5 kWh unit with a range of 165 km and a 21.5 kWh unit offering 213 kms every charge. Both these batteries support fast charging. While the larger takes 90 minutes for 0-80% refill, the smaller does it in 110 minutes. The car is hoped to get a 70V three-phase electric motor capable of producing 41 hp and 105 Nm, much like the Tigor EV. The XPRES T, as per its maker, would prove itself ideal for intra-city mobility, both for the passenger and the fleet owner. The owner will also benefit from the low running and maintenance costs, translating into added profits in the long run.

Tata Motors will start taking bookings for the XPRES T soon. The prices and other details will be disclosed at the time of launch.

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