2022 Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400: A Closer Look At It!

We live with the Jeeto Plus CNG 400 for a day to experience the changes

Mahindra is a mighty player in India’s CV space. The Jeeto Plus is the manufacturer’s trump card in the SCV space. Battling the likes of Tata Intra V30 and Ashok Leyland Dost Plus, the Jeeto Plus is available with petrol, diesel and CNG powertrains. In August, however, Mahindra rolled out an update for the CNG version. The outgoing model was then replaced with a new longer-range version called Jeeto Plus CNG 400.

Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400: A Preface

The Jeeto Plus CNG 400 minitruck offers a significantly better ‘range’ than its predecessor. It can thus be used for both inter-city and intra-city commutes effortlessly. At 650 kilograms, the official payload capacity is also very competent among rivals. Mahindra aims to maximize the owner’s profits by minimizing fuel expenses and ownership costs and boosting loading capabilities. Let’s discuss these in detail.

2022 Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400: A Closer Look At It! 1
Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400


The overall design sees no change on the CNG 400. The mini truck thus looks very familiar. It comes in 3 colours: Diamond White, Ultramarine Blue and Sunrise Red. With a 2500 mm wheelbase and extremely short overhangs, it is easy to steer in the city and in and out of tight spaces. The turning radius here is just 4.3 meters. Below are the exact dimensions:

Length3876 mm
Width1498 mm
Height1750 mm
Wheelbase2500 mm
Ground Clearance165 mm
GVW1485 kilograms
Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400 dimensions and GVW
2022 Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400: A Closer Look At It! 2
Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400 side view

Loading Bay Dimensions And Tonnage

The new Jeeto Plus CNG Charsau (as the average Indian would mostly call it!) has a fair-sized cargo bay. The loading area spans 7.4 ft in length, 5 ft in width and 1 ft in height (2257 mm x 1493 mm x 300 mm). It has an official payload capacity of 650 kilograms- very competent in its class. However, you could carry up to 1.5 tonnes if needed!

Length7.4 ft
Width5 ft
Height1 ft
Payload650 kg
Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400 payload capacity and loading bay dimensions
2022 Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400: A Closer Look At It! 3
Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400 interior

Cabin Comfort

The cabin gets D+1 seating, with ample leg and head rooms on offer for both occupants. In fact, we managed to stuff three adults inside at some point in time, bringing about severe curbs in space and comfort while doing so, but for two it works like a charm. The overall design and layout show several loud attempts to simulate the look and feel of a car-like interior- in a very reassuring way. A few carefully designed storage spaces can be seen inside. There is also a 12V charging point, lockable glove box, and manual headlight levelling. The gear shifter is mounted on the dash for better ergonomics, and the steering wheel is a two-spoke unit. The instrument cluster is an analogue unit with a small digital screen at its centre.

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2022 Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400: A Closer Look At It! 4
Main tank of Jeeto Plus CNG 400: 40L capacity

More Tank Capacity: 68L CNG!

While the Jeeto Plus did previously have a CNG version to it, it often disappointed with its overall range. The tank capacity was considerably less and a tank-full used to return distances that often limited inter-city commutes. The Jeeto Plus CNG Charsau gets this sorted. It gets a total tank capacity of 68 liters! There are two different CNG tanks on the vehicle that can accommodate 40L and 28L respectively, with the former housed under the loading bay, integrated neatly into the platform, and the latter under the cabin. There is even a small access to the smaller tank beneath the driver seat, for easier mending. A common filler area feeds both tanks. On a tank full, amounting to 68L, the vehicle can cover a distance of 400 kilometers. (Hence the name!) This also translates to an effective mileage of 35.1 km per kg of fuel.

Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400 Specifications And Performance

Much like its predecessor, the Jeeto+ CNG Charsau is also powered by the same 625cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke, positive ignition CNG engine, that sits towards the rear axle, beneath the loading bay. It produces 20hp and 44Nm. Mated to this is a 4-speed synchromesh manual transmission with a dry single-plate clutch. This engine is tuned in a way that there is ample torque on offer at low rpms. In fact, you get access to the peak torque right from 1600 rpms, and till 2200 rpms. You wouldn’t thus run out of breath while negotiating slopes, and with loads. The gear ratios further adds to optimum performance.

Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400 review in india
Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400
Engine625 cc single cylinder
Power20 hp
Torque44 Nm (1600-2200 rpm)
Transmission4 speed manual
Mileage35.1 km per kg of CNG
Tank Capacity68L (40+28)
Mahindra Jeeto plus CNG 400 engine specs
2022 Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400: A Closer Look At It! 5
Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400 loading bay

Price And Ownership Costs

Mahindra has priced the Jeeto Plus CNG 400 quite competitively. At Rs 5.26 lakh, ex-showroom, it is fairly affordable for small and medium businesses. The manufacturer also claims class-leading ownership/maintenance costs for the CNG Charsau. It apparently demands the lowest maintenance costs among mini trucks- Rs 0.22 per km. Further, Mahindra’s touchpoint networks is broad enough to ensure hassle-free ownership. All these combined, this vehicle could simply fit comfortably into last-mile delivery and logistics roles.