Triton Model H: Sportscar Like Performance And A 700 Mile Range! Are You Serious?!

Is the Triton Model H somehow based on the upcoming Cadillac Escalade? Just curious…

You read the headline right. What we are gonna talk about here is a full size all-electric SUV that seems to have been based on a GM chassis but with its own dream-like EV specs! Meet the Triton model H, the maiden EV offering from the New-Jersey based tech company, Triton Solar. It resembles the upcoming Cadillac Escalade to extents where one could simply mistake it for an Escalade EV!

The 8 seater Triton EV would be like no other in terms of the overall length, when launched. It will indeed be a proper 8 seater. The electric SUV is claimed to have unbelievable battery range and eye-popping performance. The Triton Model H is powered by a 200 kWh battery pack powering an electric motor each spinning all four wheels. This four-wheel-drive setup is in a way, similar to the one we had seen previously on the Tesla Cybertruck. In keeping with the figures of the Cybertruck, the model H too is claimed to have a 0-60 time of 2.9seconds! (Sportscar like acceleration for a car of this size?! Seriously?!)

If you ain’t jaw dropped yet, here’s the next big thing. The model H, with its 200 kWh battery pack would give you a whopping 700 miles real-world driving range! Yes, that is as much as two Tesla model 3 range figures combined! -Elon Musk, you listening, bro?- That is not it, the Triton EV is claimed to have a Massive 15400 lbs towing ability too! What more to expect from a mammoth EV!

triton model h cadillac escalade triton ev elon musk

Triton is reported to have announced the model for a soon-to-happen market launch and has apparently released the ‘official’ PDF marketing brochure online as well. However, we failed to find any reference of the model H anywhere on the Triton Solar’s official website. All we could find though, were news and stories about the same on various online portals and e-magazines. Triton has begun taking in pre-orders for the car, where you can book your model H for $5000. Keep another $135,000 ready in the next 5 days as well. A separate website is used for making pre-orders.

So, is this all a scam?

Well, these indeed sound like too good to exist, but are equally impossible to shut your eyes to either… All we can do now is to keep our fingers crossed and wait …

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