This Porsche Taycan Turbo Ended Up In A Junkyard So Soon!

Still unsure of the real story behind this Porsche Taycan Turbo crash, but this definitely seems to be a sight of misery for all Porsche lovers!

We were randomly surfing Copart for vehicles lined up for auctions in the US when we stumbled upon this, a Porsche Taycan Turbo! Yes, that is as shocking as it actually sounds… Porsche’s first all-electric sports car, which had begun its deliveries in the US just a couple of months ago, has somehow ended up in a Junkyard here and is awaiting an auction!

The website lists the Taycan with ‘State Farm Insurance’ as the seller. The vehicle seems to have its body damage confined mostly to the front fascia. The front bumper bears bruises and the driver side front wheel has been destroyed. At the passenger’s end, serious damage seems to have been done to the tire and the suspension. The sides and the rear seem intact except for the wheels. The listing says that the key damage has happened to the undercarriage of the car and not the body as such.

wrecked porsche taycan for auction

It is still not clear as to what had actually happened with this Taycan. Inferring from the damages caused, the driver must have hit some low profile curb at high speeds. The incident had anyways been severe enough to get the side airbags deployed. The overall damage seems to have been so severe for the Insurance company to actually refrain from repairing it and sell the car off in an auction.

This Taycan Turbo is listed with its retail value as $167,865. The prices for the Taycan range start at $150,900 in the US. This would essentially indicate that the car in question has a few extra options as well. This Taycan Turbo is being listed as an upcoming auction. We are really hoping to learn more about this car as and when the auction unfolds!

wrecked porsche taycan for auction

Interested in this piece? Well, we would say you could salvage most of the interior if you actually win this auction or even stuff in a cheaper petrol powertrain into its shell maybe… Go check it out for sure on Copart

Source: Copart


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