This Chinese Copycat Of Kawasaki Ninja Is Called Finja 500!

The Xinshiji Finja 500 gets a 500cc parallel-twin engine!

The Chinese are well known for their thing for copycats, and here is another worthy example of the same! Meet the Xinshiji Finja 500, an obvious clone of the Kawasaki Ninja! The Finja is essentially a look-alike of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10R and appears to be quite spot on in terms of design.

The Finja 500 gets almost all the design cues of the Z10 R neatly mimicked. It has a muscular fuel tank, raised windscreen, split headlamps that look slightly different from the Ninja’s, LED DRL in the central air intake, stepped up seat, upswept exhausts and mirror-mounted turn signal lamps, much like the flagship Japanese bike. The Finja even gets almost the same paint scheme and decals as the ZX 10R! The Chinese clone has a fully digital instrument cluster, much like the ZX 10 R.

kawasaki Ninja Copycat Finja 500


Built on a twin-spar frame, the Xinshiji Finja 500 is nowhere near the Kawasaki in terms of specifications or performance! While the Kawasaki gets powered by a massive 998cc engine churning out 200hp/ 115 Nm, all that the Finja 500 gets is a 500 cc parallel twin motor producing 49.3 hp.

The Finja 500 does get disc brakes on both wheels but no ABS! Suspension duties are handled by Showa’s Balance free forks at the front and a mono-shock at the rear.

kawasaki Ninja Copycat Finja 500


The biggest bait of the Finja 500 is its price. The price of the bike in China could round to an Indian equivalent of 1.46 lakh. Thus, this is one of the cheapest middleweight sports bikes in the world today!

Image Source: Rushlane