Yamaha Aerox 155 Review: The Scooter That Feels Like A Motorcycle!

This could simply be the fastest 150cc scooter in India!

Words: Neeraj Padmakumar Photography: Amal Ramdas

If associating the sense of performance with a scooter makes you raise your brows, the Yamaha Aerox 155 is for you to get a taste of. Of course, there have been models like the Aprilia SR150 or SXR 160, or even the Ntorq 125 to some extent. But the Aerox has a few strong traits to it, that essentially place it above all the 150cc rivals. This ‘maxi-sport’ scooter feels more like a motorcycle with its dynamics.

Yamaha Aerox 155 Design

Length1980 mm
Width700 mm
Height1150 mm
Wheelbase1350 mm
Seat Height790 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity5.5 Liters
Yamaha Aerox dimensions

Yamaha Aerox 155 has a loud design, high focus on aerodynamics, and stunning colorways. The decals and lettering are highly suggestive of the scooter’s sporty nature. The front end looks aggressive, thanks to the apron and its lines. The vehicle gets a split headlamp design with a full-LED lighting setup. These offer decent illumination. However, I would prefer slightly better throws for the low beam.

yamaha aerox 155

The side profile looks distinctly dynamic. There is no flat floorboard here. A chunky column that houses the fuel tank forms a spine-like structure on the floorboard. The rider gets two distinct footwells, that offer just enough space. The visual bulk, however, is well managed, thanks to the lines it’s got. The Aerox features 14-inch wheels that give it a very compelling visual presence from the sides. The rear gets a meaty 140-section rubber that does wonders while on the move!

The rear design also feels sporty and goes well with the rest of the visual bulk. The taillamps are LED units while all the blinkers continue to be regular Halogen lamps. Also notable in the overall design, are the twin rear shocks and the radiator that sits comfortably near the exhaust.

yamaha aerox 155 headlamp
LED headlamps on the Aerox remind you of the R15 v3?

Yamaha Aerox Features

Yamaha Aerox 155 gets an all-digital LCD instrument cluster with new-age Bluetooth connectivity. The display offers a host of information- from Speedometer and tachometer to detailed rider information and call/text notifications from the connected smartphone. However, there is no support for turn-by-turn navigation indications.

Talking of other tech, the Aerox comes with an advanced idle Start/stop function for improved fuel economy. This can be switched off via a button on the handlebar. This setup is something we had previously talked about in our story on the new Fascino 125. Plus, Aerox also comes with VVA.

yamaha aerox 155 instrument cluster

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Is Yamaha Aerox 155 Practical Enough?

With its Maxi scooter-like central spine structure, the Aerox 155 does have a few practicality restraints. You can’t use it to haul stuff on the floorboard (bags, LPG cylinders, and who knows what!) And you would have to get on and off like how you would do on a motorcycle.

However, the under-seat storage here is plenty. Yamaha claims a massive 24.5-litre capacity under the Aerox’s seat. That is enough to store a big full-face helmet comfortably. Further, there is also a tiny glovebox with a 12V point- a USB charger would have made more sense these days! Also, the under-seat storage access and fuel filler opening are via buttons located near the key slot. The click action and ‘almost automatic’ opening of the fuel filler are very convenient bits.

yamaha aerox 155 rear

What To Not Like On The Aerox 155?

While the overall material and build qualities feel good at most places, certain areas would prove otherwise- like the awkward panel gaps near the fuel filler cap, or the glovebox lid that feels flimsy. The rear foot pegs get a design that doesn’t look as pleasing as those elsewhere. The glovebox cannot be locked, there is no brake lock and no pass lamps. One might also find it difficult to read the digital dials under strong direct sunlight.

Another key concern would be the space restraints offered to the rider. I am 6 ft tall and found the leg and knee rooms to be just adequate. In the event of a hard-braking, I would end up rubbing my knees against the back of the apron. Having no flat floorboard would also mean I would have limited opportunities to move my legs around or to ease up a bit.

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yamaha aerox 155

Yamaha Aerox Specifications

The engine is the biggest talking point on the Aerox. It gets a 155cc engine that is heavily derived from the ones on the new R15 V4 and MT15 V2. This 4-valve engine gets VVA technology and is liquid-cooled. The key 150-160 cc rivals that took all the love and ardour back in their days, had relatively basic, air-cooled, 3-valve engines! Now we’re talking…

The Aerox 155 delivers 15 hp and 13.9 Nm, mated to its sweet CVT transmission. The engine might have lost a few hps compared to the one on V4, but is still a very attractive package going by scooter standards.

Engine155 cc, 4 valve, liquid cooled,
fuel injected
Power15 hp
Torque13.9 Nm
Mileage40-45 kpl
Brakes230 mm disc (F) – ABS
130 mm drum (R)
Tyres110/80-14 inch (F)
140/70-14 (R)
Weight126 kilograms
Yamaha Aerox 155 specifications

Yamaha Aerox Performance

The Aerox is really fast and dynamic. The acceleration is brilliant. It doesn’t feel as quick off the line as modern-day EVs, but is still fast and eager to get to speeds. As you twist the throttle, there is a strong tug of torque that stays and progresses through the power band. The VVA tech ensures the delivery of adequate torque in all scenarios. You can get to speeds you’d not dare to on another scooter. 100-105 kph feels stress-free and comfortable. I would say this could simply be the quickest accelerating scooter as well as the most comfortable highway cruiser!

The Aerox’s engine should be noted for its refinement. The NVH levels are excellent for a 150 cc. Adding the CVT in place of the manuals on the motorcycles, has apparently contributed to the overall smoothness. At higher rpms, you would feel slight vibes at the floorboard and handlebar, but these never get intrusive.

The exhaust note feels like that of a scooter stereotype while idling. However, as you get higher on the rpms, the soundtrack turns sporty and fairly loud.

yamaha aerox 155 review

Ride And Handling

High-speed stability is brilliant. The Aerox feels stable and sure-footed even while cruising at 105 kph. The handle feels heavy and connected and you can corner this vehicle fairly well. The large wheels and suspension setup favour enthusiastic riding. The grip offered by the 140-section rear tyre is brilliant.

The suspension is on the stiffer side. While it remains decently comfortable on most roads, bad patches and potholes would give the rider a tough time! The pillion will have it worse, especially with the standard dual rear shocks. The optional gas-charged rear shocks, however, could provide a significantly better ride, but at an additional expense of around Rs 17k.

Also, I personally like the difference in weight distribution brought about by the central spine structure and the impact it has had on the overall handling. The Aerox 155 might feel more like a motorcycle most times, than the usual flimsy, lightweight scooters we are all familiar with.

The Aerox comes with 230mm disc brakes at the front that delivers great stopping performance in general. The rear, however, gets a weaker 130mm drum that could feel soft in many scenarios. While the overall setup can be said effective in general, I would wish for a rear disc at least as an option. There is a single-channel ABS offered as well.

yamaha aerox 155 rear

Aerox 155 Mileage

The Aerox should be loved for the fuel efficiency it offers. The engine with its VVA tech and idle stop/start returns excellent mileage figures. The hack here is to be rational with the throttle. If you are to ride the scooter in a rather enthu way, expect mileage figures of around 39-40 kpl. However, on the highways, or if you are riding with a light, sensible throttle, expect mileage figures of up to 45-48 kpl.

In our 10 days span with Aerox, with varying rider behaviours and over varying road and traffic conditions, the most we could achieve was 49 kpl, and the least 38 kpl. Brilliant for the package…

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yamaha aerox 155 review

Price And Who Should Buy?

Ex-showroom PriceRs 1.29 lakh
Gas charged Shocks priceRs 17,024
Yamaha Aerox 155 price

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Yamaha Aerox 155 has an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.29 lakh. The on-road prices can go up to Rs 1.7 lakh (in Kochi)- definitely not on the cheaper side. But going by the performance and handling levels offered, one would seldom call this over-aspirational. For something that goes this fast and handles this well, the price is justified.

Someone who’s on the hunt for a fast, dynamic, refined and fuel-efficient scooter, and is ready for minor practicality compromises, can consider the Aerox 155. However, for enthusiasts, we would strongly recommend adding the rear gas-charged shocks.