Up Close With 2023 Jeep Meridian X: Highlights, Specs And Price

The X-suit envisions Jeep Meridian as a sophisticated urban SUV

Out of the two recently launched accessory packages aka special editions of the popular Jeep Meridian SUV, the ‘X’ version could look and feel the most sophisticated. This is for the crowd who would be buying this vehicle as a big, branded, comfortable urban commute. The closest analogy could go like- Jeep Meridian X could roughly be what the Legender is to Toyota. Jeep has packed more comfort and convenience features into this vehicle, making it better appealing as an urban SUV. Let’s dive into further details of the Meridian X.

Jeep Meridian X: What Is It?

The ‘X’, much like the Upland, is an accessory package that is installed on a regular Jeep Meridian, against order and at the dealer level. Here, however, the key focus is on ensuring occupant comfort and improving overall sophistication levels, than facilitating adventure drives.

Jeep Meridian X Details Explained

Based on the Limited Plus trim, Jeep Meridian X has clear visual distinctions from the regular car. Best had in the Silver shade (Silvery Moon), it gets a dual-tone paint scheme, but with the roof and pillars painted in Grey. Furthermore, the front and rear fascias and side cladding are now painted in body colour. There is a high chance that you’d end up drawing visual connections to the Jeep Cherokee here. 18-inch alloy wheels get the same design as the regular car, but with Grey pockets.

Much like the Upland edition, Meridian X also comes with side steps for easier ingress and egress, and splash guards.

On the inside, however, there are more accessories installed. Jeep Meridian X seems to have a strong focus on ensuring occupant comfort and imparting an air of plushness over them. The vehicle gets several cabin enhancements and accessories that collectively work towards achieving this. It gets magnetic sunshades, easy-to-clean cabin and cargo mats, and a tastefully designed lighting kit. Jeep offers a very interesting ambient lighting package on the Meridian X along with footwell lighting and puddle lamps.


The puddle lamps are quite interesting in their design and function. These clip-on units sit comfortably on the doors and project the Jeep logo onto the ground. They do not, however, draw power from the car, and need to be recharged separately, for which you’d have to detach them from the vehicle. Like on the Upland, Jeep Meridian X also lets you spec it with the rear entertainment package and its 11.6 inch, WiFi-enabled screen for half its selling price.

Jeep Meridian X Specifications And Features

Meridian X is based on the Limited Plus trim and comes with the same specifications and equipment array as the standard Limited+ car. It is powered by the familiar 2.0L diesel engine that churns out 170 hp and 350 Nm, and is available in both 4×4 and 4×2 layouts. However, unlike the Upland edition, the Meridian X can only be had with a 9AT transmission. Check out our Jeep Meridian review to get a quick taste of the top-spec car.

jeep-meridian-x-side-1 (1)

Jeep Meridian X Price And Booking

The price premiums over the regular Meridian that the X demands are lesser compared to what the Upland does to its corresponding regular form. Jeep Meridian X FWD would cost you Rs 46.86 lakh OTR in Kochi, while the 4WD is priced at 50.21 lakh OTR. These, if you recognize, are increases of Rs 74,880 over the standard form’s price, and are exactly what Jeep charges for the accessory package.

VariantOn-Road Price In Kerala
Limited Plus FWD 9AT46.86 lakh
Limited Plus 4WD 9AT50.21 lakh
Jeep Meridian X price in Kerala and variants

Jeep Meridian X Accessories Package Contents

Below is everything that Jeep offers in the Meridian X accessories range:

  • Dual-tone paint with Grey roof, wheel pockets and mirrors.
  • Body coloured cladding
  • Splash guards
  • Side step
  • Cabin and cargo mats
  • Puddle lamps
  • Ambient lighting
  • Footwell lighting
  • Magnetic sunshades
  • Optional rear entertainment package