Tata Punch Catches Fire In Uttar Pradesh

No aftermarket accessories had been installed in the car according to the owner

In an unfortunate incident happened on 20th May 2023, a UP-registered Tata Punch caught fire in Bulandshahr. This compact SUV had been purchased in January 2022 from Tata Sab Motors Ghaziabad. The owner of the vehicle emphasized that all maintenance and servicing had been exclusively performed at authorized Tata Motors service centers. Up until the incident, the Tata Punch had covered a distance of approximately 23,000 kilometers.

The exact cause of the fire remains unknown, as Mr. Shivam Jawla, the owner, stated that no aftermarket accessories had been installed in the car. He also mentioned that the fuel tank had been replaced at an authorized Tata service center after the original tank developed a leak when the car had a minor collision while parking on a slope. At the time of the fire, the vehicle was being driven by the owner’s father at an average speed. Currently, the damaged Tata Punch is being held at Aligarh Tata Mascot Motors.

punch fire
Image Courtesy : Rushlane

The owner expressed concerns regarding the unclear and delayed response from Tata Motors. Mascot Motors advised the customer to proceed with fixing the car through an insurance settlement. However, the owner is uncertain about the warranty claim for the Tata Punch, as no official confirmation has been received from Tata Motors thus far.

Possible Causes

Car fires can be attributed to several possible causes, posing a significant risk to both drivers and passengers. Electrical issues, such as faulty wiring or short circuits, can ignite flammable materials within the vehicle. Fuel leaks, whether from the fuel tank, fuel lines, or injectors, can create a highly combustible environment. Overheating engines, often due to cooling system failures or lack of lubrication, can also lead to fires. Collisions can rupture fuel tanks or damage electrical components, increasing the likelihood of a fire. Poor maintenance practices, including neglecting fluid leaks or ignoring warning signs, further contribute to the potential for car fires. Regular maintenance, prompt repairs, and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial in preventing such incidents.

In this case the car was not subjected to any aftermarket fitments according to the owner. So a thorough investigation should be done by Tata Motors to find out the exact cause of the fire.

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What should you do if your vehicle catches fire while driving?

When a car catches fire on the road, it is crucial to prioritize safety and take immediate precautions. The first step is to pull over to a safe location and turn off the engine. All occupants should evacuate the vehicle promptly and move a safe distance away from the fire. Contact emergency services and provide them with the precise location and details of the incident. Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to open the hood or put out the fire themselves, as it can be extremely dangerous. It is essential to warn other drivers by activating hazard lights and setting up warning triangles if available. Ensuring personal safety and allowing trained professionals to handle the situation is of utmost importance.

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