2023 Mahindra Bolero Maxx HD 2.0 L Review

Getting up close with Mahindra’s new 2-tonne pickup truck

Mahindra has rolled out a new 2-ton pick up truck into the Bolero Maxx family- the HD 2.0L. It is now flagbearer, with a 2 tonne payload capacity. This vehicle can, in many a way, be called an ‘all new product’, despite many areas of it having roots in the previous Bolero pik up range. Read ahead to know more…


2023 Bolero Maxx Pik Up HD 2.0L Variants

There are a total of 3 iterations/ variants to the new Mahindra Bolero Maxx 2-tonne pickup. The vehicle is available both with a fully built cargo box and as a Cowl Body Chassis (CBC). Further, there are two different trim-lines to it- LX and VXi. Below is the complete list

  • MaXX PUP HD 2.0L LX
  • MaXX PUP HD 2.0L VXi

2023 Bolero Maxx Pik Up 2.0L Colours

Mahindra offers the choice of colours only on the higher ‘VXi’ variant. The 2-ton truck gets two colour options to choose from- GOLD and WHITE.

2023 Mahindra Bolero Maxx HD 2.0 L Review 1

2023 Bolero Maxx HD 2L Dimensions

The Maxx 2 ton pickup is significantly larger than the previous trucks, in its dimensions. Dimensions of the chassis as such, have increased. It is now longer, wider and more reinforced. Wheel track has grown and the same converts into a better cabin experience and improved road manners.

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Length5345 mm
Width1800 mm
Height1950 mm
Wheelbase3290 mm
Payload capacity2000 kilos (2 ton)
GVW3895 kilos (3.8 ton)
Bolero Maxx Pik Up 2L dimensions

Below are the box dimensions. It now spans 10 ft in length and is almost 6ft in width. It can carry a certified payload of 2 tonnes, with a total GVW of 3.8 tonnes. As it goes, you and I know that most owners overload their trucks for added profits, in which case, this could take some serious loads, although not recommended to do the same! Below are the exact box dimensions.

Length3050 mm | 10 ft
Width1800 mm | 5.9 ft
Height650 mm | 2.1 ft
Bolero Maxx Pik Up 2L cargo box dimensions
2023 Mahindra Bolero Maxx HD 2.0 L Review 2

2023 Bolero Maxx Pik Up 2L Design

The truck gets a front fascia that stands close to the Mahindra Bolero in its styling. Key highlights include powerful, good-looking headlamps with integrated ‘turn safe lamps’ ( lights that do jobs similar to those of cornering lamps), Chrome embellishments on front, LED tail lamps and metal bumpers. As purpose enhancements, the vehicle also gets front and side underrun protections. The vehicle comes with 7R16 LT tyres.

2023 Mahindra Bolero Maxx HD 2.0 L Review 3

2023 Bolero Maxx 2L Cabin

The increased proportions of the vehicle, have facilitated the inclusion of a bigger, more comfortable cabin. The Maxx Pik Up 2L comes with a certified D+2 seating. Footwells offer ample space. The driver seat gets height adjustment as well. This way, people of more body sizes can be comfortable as drivers here.

The dashboard has a distant ‘car-like’ feel to it, and gets a lockable glove box, air vents, blower control ( no air conditioning is offered standard, but getting one installed aftermarket could cost you over Rs 65000), 12V socket and a smart storage pocket for mobile phones. A touchscreen infotainment system can also be had as an official accessory. For added convenience, there is a dedicated switch for disconnecting the battery inside the cabin, so that you don’t have to do it manually every time you leave the vehicle inoperative for some time in a row.

For easier and more intuitive fleet management and vehicle monitoring, the 2-ton Maxx pik up comes with Mahindra’s iMaxx connected tech. This application seems to have had some key improvements in its newest version.

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2023 Mahindra Bolero Maxx HD 2.0 L Review 4

2023 Bolero Maxx Pik Up Specifications

The Bolero Maxx 2.0L is underpinned by a heavily improved version of the familiar pik up platform. The chassis is now larger and better reinforced. 2 ton Pik up is powered by an improved version of the time-proven 2.5L, 4 cylinder, M2Di diesel engine. The power and torque figures are now higher, from the earlier 75 hp/200 Nm to 80 hp/220 Nm. The vehicle gets a 5 speed synchromesh, single plate dry clutch transmission. Suspension duties are carried out by leaf spring units at both ends.

2023 Bolero Maxx Pik Up 2.0L: Quick Impressions

  • The engine on new Bolero Maxx Pik Up 2.0L feels smooth and better refined.
  • You get better low-end grunt and improved mid-range, for better hauling.
  • There is adequate access to the torque-pile at most rpms at the nearer end.
  • The chassis supports your load runs very well, and feels firm, capable and supportive when loaded.
  • The cabin feel has improved and the driver experiences less fatigue than before.
  • The wider track has brought about improvements in the way this vehicle behaves around curves and in overall dynamics.
  • Gear shifts are now smoother.
  • The seats offer ample space and comfort levels for most body sizes.
2023 Mahindra Bolero Maxx HD 2.0 L Review 5

How Does The New Bolero Maxx Pik Up 2.0L Maximize Profits?

To put it short and clean, the new Pik up offers more payload capabilities- 2 tonnes is quite something in the segment, lower mainetence costs, less driver fatigue and bettery fuel efficiencies- around 15 kpl, real world. More load at lower costs and more number of trips a day.

Mahindra Bolero Maxx HD 2.0L LX vs VXi: What’s Different?

Height adjustable seatsNY
Turn safe lightNY
iMAXX technologyNY
LED Tail lampNY
Digital clusterYY
Fabric seatsYY
Table: Bolero Maxx HD 2 ton variants comparison
2023 Mahindra Bolero Maxx HD 2.0 L Review 6

2023 Bolero Maxx HD 2 Ton Variants And Prices

Below are thr detailed ex-showroom prices of the 2023 2 ton Bolero Maxx pik up truck variants.

VariantEx-showroom price
MaXX PUP HD 2.0L LX10.33 lakh
MaXX PUP HD 2.0L LX CBC9.99 lakh
MaXX PUP HD 2.0L VXi10.68 lakh
2023 Bolero Maxx Pik Up 2 L Variants And Prices

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