2023 Nissan Z: Top 5 Things To Know About It

The iconic Nissan Z has been reborn and is now in its 7th generation, here’s more

Nissan has resurrected the legendary Z nameplate and the car has hit its 7th generation globally. The Nissan Z prototype unveiled recently stays close to the previous teaser images in terms of design. Of course, the proto has evoked mixed responses among the enthusiasts, but here are 5 things that should get you mused:


Nissan has chosen to take a major drift with the names. If you might remember, the Z family had started with the 240Z. All the successors had numerals in their names, viz- 260Z, 280Z, 350Z, and 370Z. The last and 6th gen being named 370Z, it was hoped that the new car would carry the name 400Z. However, the carmaker has, at least for the American market, decided to ditch the numerals from the name and named it the ‘Z’! Nissan says ‘One letter says it all’ and we dare not to disagree.

2023 Nissan Z shadow

The Design Is Epic!

The prototype gets a design that is instantly recognizable as a Z. To be more specific, almost everything on this car yells to be a modern reinterpretation of the 240Z. The hood is evidently long, suggestive of the original 240Z’s, which as a matter of fact, was due to the massive 2.4L straight-six underneath. However, in the new car, it is a much compact V6 that is under the hood. The long hood is thus merely a suggestive design element. Other key design highlights include 240ZG inspired LED headlamps, a grille that looks much cleaner and as a matter of fact, flatter than what we had seen previously, neatly integrated door handles, restyled hip lines, restyled Z motif, and a tail design that screams 90s Nissan aesthetics (those tail lamps seem to be straight from the 90s 300 ZX!).

nissan z and nissan 240z
2023 Nissan Z and Nissan 240Z

2023 Nissan Z would be available in 3 monotone colorways- Black Diamond Metallic, Gun Metallic, and Rosewood Metallic and 6 two-tone colorways with Black roofs- Brilliant Silver, Boulder Gray, Seiran Blue, Ikazuchi Yellow, Passion Red Tricoat, and Everest White Pearl Tricoat.

2023 Nissan Z interior
2023 Nissan Z interior

Magnificent Cabin

The cabin looks just fabulous, with the dominant Blue shade inside. Bye-bye to the monochromes of the predecessors! The door handles and door vents are pieces to be taken note of. A full-grown 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, three-spoke steering, 3 classy analog pod gauges, revamped shift levers with better grip, reworked seats with decent use of Suede on them, 8-inch touchscreen infotainment (9-inch on the Performance Grade) with enhanced connectivities, and multiple USB ports are the other notable highlights of the cabin.

2023 Nissan Z Engine VR30DDTT
2023 Nissan Z Engine: VR30DDTT

Thankfully It Ain’t Electric

Not that we have something against electrics, but we believe something like the Z should have to be gasoline-powered. The prototype gets a mighty 3.0L twin-turbo V6 at its heart. This is the VR30DDTT unit found in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60. Imagine the state of tune to be similar to the one on the Q60S Red Sport. This mill produces 400 hp and 475 Nm. We have always loved the VR30DDTT for its civilized NVH levels. This engine also feels exciting for being tuner-friendly. 400 hp is definitely on the higher side, but a skilled mechanic could probably milk out a few more horses!

Nissan Z Proto gets GTR-sourced brakes. We are not sure if the carmaker would give the production car these mean stoppers, considering the economic constraints. They might, however, offer these as optional extras. This rear-wheel-drive sports car will also excel in ride and handling. The suspension setup has been tuned to offer the most engaging drive experience.

2023 Nissan Z rear

There’s A Stick Shifter!

Here’s the cherry on the cake, the Z Proto gets a stick shifter alongside the new 9 speed AT! The 6-speed manual gearbox should offer the right amount of fun expected on a Z car. Plus, it also gets an advanced launch assist control, carbon fiber composite driveshaft, and more. The 9-speed automatic transmission has been tuned to offer sporty shifts and facilitate swift acceleration. These also get offered with paddle shifters, the design of which would be identical to those found on the GTR, on the higher variants.

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2023 Nissan Z rear

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