New Range Of Uno Minda Alloy Wheels Launched In India

Prices for Uno Minda alloy wheels start at Rs 4,761!

UNO Minda has launched its new alloy wheel range in India. It has teamed up with Japanese alloy wheel designer and manufacturer Kosei Co. Ltd. (an Indo-Jap JV!) to make these wheels, available in a handful of designs and sizes, and can be used comfortably with both radial and regular tube tyres.

The new Uno Minda alloy wheels are made using LPDC and GDC technology, in India. A total of 5 styles are available- Sharp, Space, Wonder, Wave, Shark, and Vega. The lightweight construction of these is claimed to improve acceleration, fuel efficiency, and handling of your vehicle. These wheels are both IS-9436/38 and ICAT certified and offer 2-year warranties as well.

Available Sizes for Uno Minda Alloy Wheels

Uno Minda wheels are available in an interesting range of sizes:

  • 13 Inch
  • 14 Inch
  • 15 Inch
  • 16 Inch

Having 13 inch budget alloy rims on sale means that Uno Minda can now appeal to a wider set of aspirants who’d wanna jazz up their budget cars…

Uno Minda Alloy Wheels Price And Designs

Uno Minda wheels are priced from Rs 4,761 in India. This could just be the entry point, and the price varies with design and size. These are now available to buy on leading e-commerce websites and online marketplaces as well as physical stores. For a better idea of the prices and designs, check out the Amazon store.

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