Yamaha FZ X Colours : New Dark Matte Blue And Two Others

The FZ X gets a palette revision…

Yamaha Motor India unveiled their completely updated lineup for 2023. It includes models like R15, MT15, FZ-S and FZ-X. All the bikes now come with more advanced safety tech, features, and are OBD-2 compliant as well. Yamaha FZ X, a unicorn in many ways, now gets slight cosmetic tweaks, alongside the additional equipment. Though most of its panels and design remain untouched, the colourways have improved.

New FZ-X 2023
All 3 colour options of the FZ-X

2023 Yamaha FZ X Colours: Blue, Black And Copper

yamaha fz x dark MATTE blue
Image: 2023 Yamaha FZ X colours: Matte Blue

The new Yamaha FZ X gets a revised colour palette. It now has 3 colours offered: matte Copper, matte Black and the new matte Blue. Yamaha has added a new dark matte Blue colourway to this neo-retro motorcycle. The new colourway has Matte Blue on the fuel tank and front fender, and dark matte black at other places on the motorcycle. The wheels are painted Gold. ‘FZ X’ logo on the fuel tank is chromed, while the previous Matte copper variant had it in Black. The new Blue colour, which originally replaces the Metallic Blue on the previous motorcycle, draws it closer to Yamaha’s signature Blue tribe.

yamaha fz x MATTE COPPER
Image: 2023 Yamaha FZ X Copper

Matte Copper comes from the previous model. This could be among the most sold colours for the motorcycle. This colourway has a Matte Copper colour on the fuel tank, Copper linings for the rims and matte Black at other places. Not much seems to have changed on the updated motorcycle’s Matte Copper colour scheme.

New FZ-X in matte black
Image: 2023 Yamaha FZ X colours: Matte Black

2023 Yamaha FZ X is also available in a matte Black shade. This colourway was also available on the old motorcycle. The matte Black paint goes well with the design and persona of FZ-X, but could be more demanding in maintenance, as it is more vulnerable to dust and dirt. In overall visual appeal, matte Black could be one of the best colours for the FZ X.

Other than the colour addition, the only changes to the bike are the all-LED lighting including LED flashers and onboard diagnostics. The FZ X retains all other mechanical specifications from the previous model, which we had reviewed in detail. The motorcycle is currently priced at Rs. 1,35,900 ( ex-showroom).

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