Anand Mahindra Retweets Truck Sim Video, Internet Reacts, Huge Buzz Follows! [ All Details]

Tweeps go over-enthu with gyaan-giving over the tweet

Anand Mahindra is quite popular on Twitter and has over the years, gone viral with many of his tweets- from announcing new products to praising them, and from making debate-triggery remarks on social/national issues to sagacious comebacks to digs from Twitter peeps. Very recently, the Mahindra chairman was involved in a rather interesting Twitter debate, when a video posted on his official handle triggered the Tweeps’ inner urge to deliver unconditional overloads of gyaan!

Anand Mahindra, on Thursday, retweeted a video from Enezator, with the caption ‘That kind of brinkmanship would lead to being truly ‘off-road’. Why would anyone do this?’.

The video had a fully-loaded truck doing some insane off-road runs through a dangerous ghat trail. It was in fact the screen recording from some truck simulator game ( most likely Eurotruck Simulator), but clearly endorses the driver’s skill levels. M&M chairman’s caption could be taken for a nod of admiration to this insanely risky (and equally skilled) driving- I mean, ‘Sim driving!’. Plus, the ‘Off-Road’ part is a mild hint at what M&M is loved for, as India’s best SUV brand.

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Twitter peeps, however, reacted weirdly to this! A large number of them ended up showing off their tech-literacy and gyaan that the ‘ posted video is a sim footage, and not an actual video recording’- as if the man who helms a tech-curious auto brand would fail to identify and differentiate between the two! The flooded comment box also had a second major line of folks who were over enthusiastic about ‘safety concerns’.

Following these reactions, the biz tycoon (erm, his social media manager actually!) soon deleted the video and reposted it with a different caption. But hey, we got screenshots for you!

Anand Mahindra Retweets Truck Sim Video, Internet Reacts, Huge Buzz Follows! [ All Details] 1

Below is what the reposted tweet looks like. The caption this time reads better, but reactions hardly catch up! ‘I was sent this with the caption: Is that one of your trucks?? It’s truly going ‘off-road.’ is what the new Tweet says- a stronger hint at Mahindra’s off road supremacy, and a cleaner line. However, Twitter peeps are flooding the comments with the same ‘ it isn’t real, it is sim’ and ‘ dangerous driving, risk nahi lene ka’ lines.

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There are however, some very interesting comments this time, like a guy who randomly tried his luck to be gifted a Thar, to the one who advocated for and advertised the Tata Ace !

Regardless of the Tweep buzz, using the video to hint at the brand’s off-roading prowess was a brilliant PR move. Mahindra, as a matter of fact, does justice to this claim. All new-age M&M SUVs- from the Boleros to the Scorpio N, excel with their off-road abilities. The Thar on the other hand, defines off-roading for many.

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