Apple Electric Car To Debut By 2026

Apple’s first EV might not be fully autonomous…

Tech giant Apple has reportedly pushed the launch of its highly anticipated electric car from 2025 to 2026. Apple is speculated to be working on an electric passenger car for quite some time now. Very few details of this EV project are available at the moment. A recent report on Bloomberg says that the company could probably price the first Apple car under 100,000 USD (82.5 Lakh INR), which is 20,000 USD lesser than the previously rumoured price.

Originally expected to launch in 2025, the car’s launch has now been postponed to 2026. Further, reports suggest that the first Apple car, unlike what was previously expected, could possibly not offer fully autonomous driving, and settle down for a more conventional model that includes autonomous driving without ditching conventional vehicle controls like steering wheel and pedals- like the Chevrolet Super Cruise. The Apple car would still be smarter than your average Mac, because its technology system- internally codenamed Denali- is said to be as powerful as ‘four of Appleā€™s highest-end Mac chips combined’.

Apple’s fully electric car project codenamed ‘Titan’ has come a long way since the idea was born eight years ago. The company has become much more serious about the project, as the reports also suggest that Apple’s AI and machine learning chief John Giannandrea is leading the project, and Kevin Lynch, known for his work on Apple Watch, has also joined the car team as well.

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Source: Bloomberg