Ather Rizta Electric Scooter Launched, Price And More Details

Ather Rizta is bigger and better than the 450X

Ather Energy has launched two exciting products on the 2024 Ather Community Day- the Ather Rizta family electric scooter and the Ather Halo helmet. Available in 3 variants, the Rizta scooter is priced from 1.09 lakh, ex-showroom. It is more affordable than the popular 450X, comes with added practicality and makes more sense as a daily.

In the brand’s domestic portfolio, Rizta sits below the 450 series and reservations for the same are now open.

ather rizta

Ather Rizta Dimensions

Ather Rizta is larger than the 450 series. Thanks to the 450 models, we are used to relating ‘Ather’ to sleek, aerodynamic scooters. The Rizta, however, looks bigger and more practical.

Width750 mm
Length1850 mm
Height1140 mm
Saddle Height780-840 mm
Ground Clearance165 mm
Water wading depth400 mm
Table: Ather Rizta dimensions
ather rizta electric scooter

Ather Rizta Design

The Rizta gets a practical, good-looking design. It has clean lines and body panels. Key highlights include LED headlamp, large floorboard, large, single-piece seat, wrap-around LED tail lamp, 12-inch alloy wheels, wide apron, grabrail with integrated backrest, and a digital instrument cluster that comes directly from the 450X.

Ather Rizta Practicality Enhancements

Storage and practicality remain the biggest talking points of the Rizta e-scooter. This scooter has a massive under-seat storage area that can accommodate 34L. Interestingly, the gen-2 Ola scooter also has comparable storage. However, it is a fair chunk less than the 43L storage of the River Indie.

The Rizta further intends to make life easy by providing an optional under-seat organiser, and a small pocket. Another organiser bag can be bought to double up as an additional 20-ish liter dash storage. The scooter comes with an 18W charger, and also offers charging support to Ather Halo helmet.

Ather rizta storage space

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Ather Rizta Specifications

The Rizta electric scooter comes in two trims- S and Z. The S gets just a 2.9 kWh battery pack. Ather Rizta Z, however, can be had with either a 2.9 kWh or a 3.7 kWh battery packs. The scooter delivers a claimed top speed of 80kph.

Battery Capacity2.9 kWh
3.7 kWh
Top Speed80 kph
Charging time (0-80%)6 hr 40 min (2.9kWh)
4 hr 30 min (3.7 kWh)
BrakesDisc (F)
Drum (R)
Table: Ather Rizta specifications

The 2.9kWh battery is claimed to have real-world range of 105 km. The larger battery pack will deliver 125km in range, in real life. Below is a table that shows more information on this:

Battery PackIDC RangeTrue Range
2.9 kWh123km105 km
3.7 kWh160 km125 km
Table: Ather Rizta range

This electric scooter also comes with a traction control system- a first in the segment. The Rizta has two riding modes on offer- Zip and SmartEco. Other features and tech include ‘Magic twist’, hill-hold and reverse assist- all of which have been made popular by the 450 series.

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Ather Rizta Electric Scooter Launched, Price And More Details 1
Image: Ather Rizta colours

Ather Rizta Colours

This time around, Ather has played it well with colours. The Rizta electric scooter can be had in up to 7 colours- 3 monotones and 4 dual tones. The lower-spec Rizta S is available in just 3 colours. The entire palette can be had on the higher trim. Below are the available colourways:

  1. Pangong Blue
  2. Siachen White
  3. Deccan Grey
  4. Pangong Blue DT
  5. Alphonso Yellow
  6. Deccan Grey DT
  7. Cardomom Green

Ather Rizta Price And Variants

Below are the introductory prices of Ather Rizta variants:

VariantPrice (ex-showroom)
Ather Rizta S (2.9 kWh)₹ 1.09 lakh
Ather Rizta Z (2.9 kWh)₹ 1.24 lakh
Ather Rizta Z (3.7 kWh)₹ 1.44 lakh
Table: Ather Rizta Price list

How to book Ather Rizta electric scooter?

Use the Ather website for booking your Rizta family scooter.

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