8 Best Car Freshener And Perfumes To Buy In 2024!

From gel-based ones to aircraft-styled diffusers, here are 8 best car fresheners to buy on Amazon…

The love for car fresheners and the best fragrances has recently been on the rise. Over the past few years, many brands have launched new products with diverse fragrances, and in different (often exciting) shapes and sizes. Here are 8 trending car fresheners that you shouldn’t miss in 2024…

8 Best Car Freshener And Perfumes To Buy In 2024! 1

Godrej aer O [Hanging Car Air Freshener]

Godrej Aer O is a compact, good-looking, hanging car freshener that costs less than Rs. 100! The ‘Cool Aqua’ fragrance is fresh and likeable. It is easy to install the Godrej aer O in your car- Just unpack it and hang it on the IRVM!

The manufacturer claims it to last 30 days. However, most buyers have reported the real-world lifetime as 20-25 days. 90% of buyers approve of the freshness of the ‘Cool Aqua’ fragrance. If it interests you as well, buy now on Amazon- there’s a discount available!

8 Best Car Freshener And Perfumes To Buy In 2024! 2

Involve Your Senses One Musk 

This fibre-based organic car perfume from the Indian brand ‘Involve Your Senses’ is rather strong and claimed to last up to 45-60 days. In real life, expect the longevity to be around 30-40 days. The ‘Musk’ (IONE01) is a popular fragrance of Involve One.

Involve One Musk gets a leak-proof design and can be kept on the dashboard or inside the cupholders. The brand claims it to be designed for larger vehicles like SUVs and to suit the Indian weather conditions. There are discounts available now, on Involve One Musk.

Be warned here, about the perfume’s intensity and strength. The fragrance is very strong and could potentially upset extra sensitive people.

8 Best Car Freshener And Perfumes To Buy In 2024! 3

Godrej aer Twist 

Claimed to last up to 60 days, Godrej Aer Twist is a trendy choice among car freshener buyers in India. This gel-based air freshener comes with a compact, good-looking dispenser design. The Cool Surf Blue fragrance feels fresh and could suit most people. There are other fragrance options as well. The dispenser can sit comfortably inside your car’s cup holder and is spill-proof. The twist switch of the dispenser gives more control over how the perfume is delivered.

8 Best Car Freshener And Perfumes To Buy In 2024! 4

Ambi Pur Car Freshener Gel

Ambi Pur has some of the best car scents on sale in India. The ‘Relaxing Lavender’ is a must-try if you’re into intense flowery odours. Other fragrances include Romantic Rose and Refreshing Lemon. The product is fairly easy to install- you can either mount this on the dashboard or it can be comfortably kept inside one of the cup holders. Ambi Pur car gel is spill-proof. Owners report mixed opinions on the longevity.

8 Best Car Freshener And Perfumes To Buy In 2024! 5

CamPure Camphor Insta Cone

CamPure Camphotr Insta cone is a perfume and repellent in one. It has a pleasant fragrance, comes with an interesting design and also repels mosquitos. What are mosquitos doing in a car? Well, you can use this as a room freshener as well!

This product has recently been selling well on Amazon, and most customer reviews seem to approve of product quality.

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INVOLVE Elements Aqua Spray Air Perfume

INVOLVE Elements Aqua Spray Air Perfume

INVOLVE Elements Aqua Spray Air Perfume can make your car smell fresh and appealing. It gets a free-hanging design and the form of a No GAS spray. The brand claims this to last long. The perfume is offered in a range of Cologne Fine Fragrances, that feel a bit too strong and intense.

YOURKARTS.COM Solar Powered Car Perfume

YOURKARTS.COM Solar Powered Car Perfume

Aircraft-shaped solar car perfumes have recently been a thing among online shoppers. Many brand currently have these on sale. You can shop for car fragrance dispensers that look like aeroplanes- vintage planes, fighter jets and helicopters.

The aircraft-styled perfume dispensers from Yourkarts.com are among the most sold in this niche. Most users approve of the quality and VFM aspect of these ( Check out user reviews if you don’t believe me!). You can also check out our previous listicle for other brands and more great options.

8 Best Car Freshener And Perfumes To Buy In 2024! 6

The Old Natural Car Freshener 

This car freshener is based on essential oils and comes with a wooden dispenser head. This 10 ml perfume gets a simple hanging design and is claimed to last up to 6 weeks. The fragrance here is gentle and ‘100% natural’. Some users seem to be dissatisfied with the mild nature of the fragrance.

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