Bugatti Chiron Successor To Likely Have A Hybrid V16 Engine!

The Chiron successor could have 1800 hp on tap!

2024 will mark the start of a new era of Bugatti hypercars. This year also means the end of the road for the legendary 8.0-liter W16 that’s been powering the iconic Veyron and more recently, the upgraded Chiron.

With its next-generation hypercar, Bugatti hopes to set new standards. The successor to the Chiron is expected to make its global debut this Spring. Since late last year, the brand has been showing off the car to prospective buyers, but details on the Chiron replacement are still sparse.

Bugatti Chiron Successor To Likely Have A Hybrid V16 Engine! 1
Image: Bugatti logo | Bugatti

Bugatti’s New Hybrid V16!

There’s recently been a lot of talk on the internet about a probable hybrid V16 in the upcoming Chiron replacement. And for the first time, we can now confirm this to be true.

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Yes, that’s right. The Bugatti Chiron successor will come with a naturally aspirated, hybrid V16 engine revving up to 9000 rpm. It’s no secret that this V16 has been in the making for a while now. It has been developed by Cosworth, benefitting from its rich history of building mighty V12s for the Aston Martin Valkyrie and GMA T.50, and joining hands with Rimac for the hybrid tech.

According to sources, the 8.3 liter V16 on Chiron successor, will be paired with three electric motors. The internal combustion engine will produce 1000 hp, while an additional 800 hp will come from the electric motors, making for a total of 1800 horses at your toes!

Bugatti Chiron Successor To Likely Have A Hybrid V16 Engine! 2
Image source: Germancarforum

More Information About Bugatti Chiron Successor

The next Bugatti hypercar is expected to pack significant design reworks. Rumors suggest it could come with a wider, fresh-looking iteration of the iconic horseshoe grille, and McLaren P1-ish rear design. Sources also say the cabin could get a ‘transparent dashboard’ and an expensive mechanical Swiss timepiece.

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bugatti chiron
Representational image | Bugatti

Bugatti Chiron Successor Will Be Super Exclusive!

Bugatti wants the Chiron successor to be even more exclusive and limited-run. The production of this hypercar could be limited to under 300 units (some say it’s going to be 250!). Existing Veyron and Chiron owners will be prioritized in making reservations for this super-exclusive Bugatti.

Source: TSB