8,100 Units Of Porsche 911 Recalled in the US Over Faulty Windshields!

Own a Porsche 911 in the US? You may have to get it to the dealer as part of the recall to stop the windshields from coming off. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has marked out 8,101 Porsche 911 sports cars which fall in the 2020-2024 model range for a massive recall. The problem lies in the adhesive used to fix the front and rear windshields in place.

Apparently, the adhesive in itself or how the whole adhesion process was carried out for these cars was flawed. This led to weak fitment and that’s never good for a car this fast and can be truly awful in the event of a crash. The primary blame here could be on the supplier-Pilkington San Salvo.

While it isn’t clear which trims/variants were the most impacted by this recall, Porsche is dealing with this rather seriously. The manufacturer discovered the issue a couple of months ago, in November 2023, and had noted cases of glass getting partially detached in areas with weak adhesion.

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porsche 911 recall in USA 2024

Having residue on the adhesive surfaces during factory installation seems to be the root cause and this could affect the quality of the car at large. It certainly can’t be tolerated on one of the most iconic sports cars on sale these days.

As of today, there have been no reports of crashes or injuries that stemmed from the fault in question. However, there are around 15 warranty claims which mention “cloudy surfaces or other optical deficiencies.”

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How To Know If Your Porsche 911 Is Affected By The Recall?

If you happen to own a 911 in the US, do watch out for major signs – wind noise and moisture creeping inside. Contact Porsche customer service at 800-767-7243 and reference recall number ARA3 for further assistance with the fixes.  The NHTSA’s recall site will come in handy too to see if your example needs a trip to the friendly neighborhood Porsche dealer.

Dealer notification is scheduled to begin on March 31 and owners will be informed from April 26, requesting to show up for inspection and free windshield replacement, if necessary.