CEAT Steel Rad Two Wheeler Tyres Launched In India

The new Steel radial tyres are claimed to offer great grip and handling

CEAT Tyres India has announced the launch of its new range of performance-focussed steel radial motorcycle tyres. CEAT Steel Rad tyres have a distinct focus on performance and handling. It is available in two variations- SPORTRAD and CROSSRAD.

CEAT Sportrad tyres are specifically designed for high-speed cruising and cornering. These would fairly suit speed-hungry motorcycles like mid-capacity roadsters and sports bikes.CrossRad series has multi-terrain tyres that offer high grip on uneven surfaces and rough patches. These would suit dual-purpose motorcycles and full-blown ADVs.

ceat sportrad and crossrad tyres

CEAT Steel Rad series comes with a steel-belted radial construction and advanced design. Key highlights of SPORTRAD tyres include equidistant midcrown grooves and a silica-blended tread compound. These would thus offer enhanced cornering stability and just the right amount of stiffness.

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ceat steel rad tyres for motorcycles

CEAT SPORTRAD tyres are claimed to deliver extreme lean angle support, great wet grip and cornering stability and stable high-speed runs.

CEAT CROSSRAD series features asymmetrical block pattern treads and transversal grooves for optimum off-road grip and handling. These would be ideal for ADVs and dual-purpose motorcycles, with a 60:40 off: on-road bias.

CEAT Steel Rad tyres come in a bunch of popular sizes. CEAT SPORTRAD is available in the sizes- 110/70ZR17 and 150/60ZR17. CROSSRAD tyres are available in just the 140/60R17 size. The SportRad series is also available for big bikes- with both ST and SS versions on sale.

During the R&D of the Steel Rad series, CEAT seems to have had top players like Michelin and Pirelli as the benchmarks.

CEAT Steel Rad Tyre Prices

CEAT SportradRs 12,500
CEAT CrossradRs 4,300
Table:Launch prices of CEAT Sportrad and Crossrad
ceat sportrad and crossrad tyres launched in india

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