Coronavirus: Tata Motors Announces New Ways Of Working For Its Employees!

Tata Motors has issued a new set of guidelines for its employees taking into consideration, the severity of the COVID 19 Coronavirus outbreak…

With the COVID 19 Coronavirus in play in the country, Tata Motors has announced a new set of guidelines and a novel way of working as such, to better safeguard its employees against the pandemic. The marque has minimized both domestic and international travels of its employees and has also made ‘work from home’ the routine for their office staff, starting from March 16.

Apart from implementing detailed communication campaigns on the COVID-19 Coronavirus attack, Tata Motors has also taken care of making the workspaces cleaner and safer for its employees. The biometric attendance system has now made way for card swiping.

Ample amounts of hand sanitizer, liquid soaps and surgical masks have been supplied to all the employees. Plus, housekeeping routine and company provided transportation facilities have also been enhanced. There has also been a switch to virtual meetings in all the offices of the carmaker. The office staff have been asked to work from home for all major offices and facilities of the carmaker.

With Maharashtra topping the list in COVID 19 Coronavirus infection, the Pune based carmaker seems to be under much pressure.

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