Scary Tata Safari Crash In Kochi: What We Know About It Yet

A pre-facelift Tata Safari was recently involved in a horrifying accident in Kerala

Most of the cars and SUVs from Tata Motors are loved for their safety levels. These often top the charts in terms of safety tech offered and crashworthiness. Interestingly, these could also rank high in being involved in accidents or incidents! We often see Tata cars getting crashed (and crushed!) badly while keeping the occupants alive. This recent Tata Safari crash from Kerala, adds to the ‘life-saver’ scores of the Indian manufacturer.

tata safari crash in kochi

What We Know Of This Crash:

Going by the current shape of this Safari and the associated debris, this seems to be a horrifying crash. The vehicle seems to have had multiple impacts and topples.

The accident happened near Edapally in Kochi. We are told that the crash occurred at around 2am when the Tata SUV was trying to overtake an electric auto-rickshaw (which we found out was a Montra Super Auto). The Safari reportedly lost control and hit the divider before getting airborne and hitting a tree nearby. It then seems to have toppled as well.

The Safari had just the driver inside, at the time of the crash. He is said to have made it out alive. The vehicle, however, got totalled! The vehicle involved is a pre-facelift Tata safari with a panoramic sunroof.

All airbags deployed during the tata safari crash in kochi

All airbags were deployed in the crash. The roof and pillars seem to have taken a lot of damage. The cabin remained relatively less affected.

The new Safari has had several incidents in the past, where it ended up saving lives. The facelifted Harrier and Safari were the first cars to be tested under the Bharat NCAP program and unsurprisingly, both scored 5-star ratings!

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