Toyota Fortuner Hybrid (MHEV) Revealed In South Africa

The mild hybrid tech comes from the Hilux MHEV

Toyota has unveiled a new mild-hybrid variant of the Fortuner SUV. The new Fortuner MHEV shares its mild-hybrid technology with the Hilux MHEV unveiled last year. After launching in South Africa, the hybrid Fortuner could be made available in other markets too.

Toyota Fortuner MHEV: Key Highlights

From a design point of view, the South African version of the Fortuner mild hybrid is very similar to the Indian-spec Legender. However, in South Africa, the SUV is offered with more paint options.

Toyota Fortuner hybrid borrows its mild hybrid tech from the Hilux MHEV. It is powered by a 2.8 diesel hybrid powertrain. The 48V mild hybrid system adds an extra 16hp and 42 Nm to the total output. The hybrid Fortuner thus produces 201hp and 500Nm.

According to Toyota, the Fortuner MHEV is 5% more fuel efficient than the standard SUV. The MHEV also comes with a 6AT gearbox and both 2WD and 4WD configurations.

Toyota also claims the new Fortuner mild hybrid has improved throttle response and smoother engine stop-restart action.

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In addition to the mild hybrid powertrain, the new Fortuner MHEV also comes with the Toyota Safety Sense ADAS suite, a 360-degree camera, and minor interior tweaks.

Toyota Fortuner Hybrid (MHEV) Revealed In South Africa 1

Toyota Fortuner MHEV India Launch?

Toyota Fortuner MHEV is gradually being rolled out globally. India currently has the standard Fortuner (and Hilux) on sale.

Currently, Toyota sells its petrol, diesel, petrol hybrid and petrol-CNG vehicles in India. Whether or not Toyota will decide to launch the diesel mild hybrid technology here is yet to be seen. With the game going strong in its segment, launching the Fortuner mild hybrid could statistically make much sense.

Toyota is set to launch its first-ever ‘mass-market electric vehicle’ in India sometime in the next calendar year, which is expected to be the rebadged version of the upcoming Maruti eVX.

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