How To Make The Best Car Cleaning Kit In India?

Buy these products and make the best exterior and interior cleaning kit for your car

Owning your dream car is exciting, I agree. However, a part of us sinks in pain every time we see it dirty and in need of a wash. Cleaning and detailing is thus as big an industry in itself, as automotive retail. Choosing the right car cleaning products and curating the perfect cleaning kits are of supreme importance for keeping your vehicle’s paint safe and lasting.

Here’s a complete guide to making the best car cleaning kit in India in 2024. We have listed the best Amazon finds that are used and endorsed by thousands of car owners, and which you can use to stitch the perfect vehicle cleaning kits.

Cleaning kit for the exterior

Car care and cleaning can broadly be grouped into two: Exterior cleaning and interior cleaning. Exterior cleaning involves using the right tools, solutions and car care products to cleanse the exterior paint and trims. Choosing the best solutions and shampoos is essential for ensuring your car’s paint health.

Modern-day cleaning kits also include high-quality car wash soaps, tyre cleaners, top-quality microfiber clothes and premium car wax. Each of these products may have cheap copies available. However, be warned that using sub-quality products could deteriorate your car’s paint life.

To give your car the perfect wash, ensure the perfect choice of tools and products- from the right pressure washer to the best car shampoo and wax. Here are our recommendations to make the best car wash kit:

AGARO Supreme High Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer can simplify your car wash journey while ensuring added efficiency. With the right pressure and thrust, pressure washers can blast off dirt and grime. A good quality washer will not leave marks or scratches on the car’s paint and will consume less water than otherwise.

AGARO Supreme High Pressure Washer

Agaro Supreme High Pressure Washer is a good option to consider if you are looking to buy a good-quality washer on a budget. This 1800W washer machine has up to 6.5L/min flow rate. Building up to 120 bars, this car pressure washer can easily get rid of dirt, oil and grime from your car’s surface in no time.

Agaro Pressure washer also comes with a foam bottle that allows you to use it as an efficient foam gun. You can use the ‘low-speed’ mode for spraying foam all over your car for deep cleaning. The medium speed mode can be used to spray fine water to wash these off. You can easily switch between these using the nozzle.

The washer also has a bucket water filter in its package. Agaro high pressure washer is quite popular on Amazon. To add further to its acceptance, there is a 50% price slash available at the time of writing this article. Make sure to check the price on Amazon, if you’re ready to buy this gadget.

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3M Car wash Shampoo

Car shampoos are chemicals. Chemicals can be concerning for the car’s paint. It is thus, of supreme importance to choose the right shampoo/ chemicals for your prized possession, to ensure paint life and proper shine!

A good-quality car shampoo can effectively remove grime, dirt, and debris from your car’s exterior, and ensure new car-like lustre. The 3M car wash shampoo is a great product to consider. This pH-balanced solution is safe to use on your car paint and on surfaces with PPF-like ceramic coats applied. The 3M shampoo can also be used with hard and soft waters effectively. It has a high-foam nature and will cleanse the metallic surface of any dirt, grime or oil with ease. The 3M car wash shampoo is available in 250ml and 500ml packagings and can all be bought on Amazon.

3M Auto Specialty Tyre Dresser

3M Auto Specialty Tyre Dresser

Remember how the tyres look each time your car is back from a professional car wash/ detailing session? The shiny, pleasant-smelling, tastefully Black rubber… A special cleaning polishing compound called ‘Tyre Dresser’ is used to achieve this glossy look. Adding proper tyre care to your usual cleaning routine can prevent them from fading and cracking in the long run.

The 3M Auto Specialty Tyre Dresser would be our recommendation. This compound, with its high Silicone formula, makes car tyres look rich and premium, and for longer periods than some of the less expensive products that we tried. It is non-greasy and easy to apply.

How to apply the 3M Tyre Dresser?

  • Clean the car tyres thoroughly.
  • Make sure they are completely dry. You shouldn’t apply the compound on wet tyres.
  • Spray the 3M dresser on the tyre, and use a foam to spread it uniformly.
  • Let it dry out.
3M Premium Liquid Wax

3M Premium Liquid Wax

Waxing is probably the last step in your car wash journey. Giving your car a foam wash, rinsing off, wiping it dry, tyre dressing and applying the wax would be the final act! A good-quality wax protects the paint gloss and also protects from UV impacts.

3M Premium Liquid Wax is our choice for the job. This product is suitable for both clear and cured coats and delivers high paint glow and new-car-like looks. The 3M wax removes paint oxidation, cleans the surface and brings back the lustre.

The 3M car wax can be applied with ease. You can do it at home, or at an authorized detailing facility. On a clean, dry car surface, the compound can be applied effectively using a good quality microfiber cloth and time investment.

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ShineXPro Windshield Washer Fluid

Cleaning the windshield properly is of prime importance as this has a direct impact on driver visibility and in turn, vehicle safety. There are a lot of windshield washer cleansers available- from wiper washer tablets to windshield washer fluids- varying in price and result qualities.

One of the best products to go for would be the ShineXPro Windshield Washer Fluid. The concentrate is easy to use and delivers good results. It gets rid of all dust, dirt and bird droppings that your windshield might have after/ during an outing. The lubricating nature of this washer fluid further ensures that your wiper blades do not dry out and get damaged.

How To Make The Best Car Cleaning Kit In India? 3

ShineXPro washer fluid comes with built-in chelating agents. You can thus use this with both hard water. The chelating agents will soften hard water first, and ensure no hard water stains post-wash.

How to use ShineXPro Windshield washer fluid?

  1. Take 1 litre of RO or distilled water. (Any packaged drinking water will also do)
  2. Pour 20ml of ShineXPro concentrate into the water.
  3. Shake the solution well
  4. Fill your windshield washer tank with the prepared liquid.

Make The Best Car Interior Cleaning Kit In 2024!

Cleaning your car’s interior can be slightly more challenging than doing the exterior. The cabin is where you live. It is where you spend the most time in. So keeping it clean and shiny can bring you both physical and mental health benefits. Interior cleaning will demand more commitment. If you are new to the space, let us detail the process for better understanding:

Cleaning your car’s interior involves the following:

  • Removing dust and unwanted particles
  • Clearing finer dirt particles from nooks and corners of the cabin
  • Deep cleaning
  • Polishing And Wax

Here are the best car interior cleaning products to buy on Amazon:

Tusa Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Tusa Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can be used to clear dust, paper pieces and other small particles easily and in no time. Several cordless vacuum cleaners are available in the market for car interior cleaning. Some models draw power from the car’s 12V port. The choice between these depends on the user. The cordless ones will be more convenient to use.

Tusa Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best-selling models on Amazon. This product claims a 22-minute runtime and is powered by a battery that takes 2.5-3 hours for a full charge. Tusa vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter, additional tools for deeper cleaning, extension hose and a 1-year warranty. Check Tusa vacuum cleaner price on Amazon

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STHIRA 15 Pcs Car Cleaning Brush Kit

This complete car cleaning brush kit from Sthira can be an extremely useful buy. This kit has bushes of 5 different sizes, 3 wire brushes, 2 Blue wash towels, wax pads, wash glove, and air vents cleaning brush. These can be used to clean various parts of the cabin using solutions and for applying wax for added glow.

Check price on Amazon
Softspun Microfibre Cloth- 900 GSM And 340 GSM

Softspun Microfibre Cloth- 900 GSM And 340 GSM

The Softspun microfiber double-layered cloth makes cleaning easier. The thick cloth does not leave any wipe marks on the metal. The double-layered cloth has 900 GSM thickness and is quite useful. Another good buy would be the 340 GSM variant.

Check Softspun Microfibre Cloth 900 GSM price on Amazon

Tantra Car Air Vent Cleaning Jelly

Tantra Car Air Vent Cleaning Jelly

This is a very interesting product. Having dust and dirt in the less accessible areas of the cabin- like the insides of air vents or the nooks and corners or cubby holes- can be irritating. Dust and particulate matter inside air-con vents can deteriorate the cabin air quality and could potentially lead to respiratory issues.

The Tantra cleaning gel can be used to get rid of these, and is easy to use. These can be reused till when the gel turns dark and saturated.

How to use Tantra car cleaning jelly?

  • Open the packaging and take out the dust cleaning jelly.
  • Knead it into a ball.
  • Press (stuff) the gel into the air-con vent or cubby hole that needs to be cleaned.
  • Pull out the jelly.
SOBBY Microfibre Car Wash Mitt

SOBBY Microfibre Car Wash Mitt

Using a microfibre mitt for washing always has its advantages. It goes easy on the paint, and PPF if any. Sobby microfibre car wash mitt makes the cleaning process easier with its unique design and product quality. This product is shaped like a glove which you can wear to dust and wash your car.

The product is very soft and contains 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. It is easy to clean and dry after use.

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3M Foaming Car Interior Cleaner

The 3M foam spray can clean almost all materials and trims inside the cabin- from plastics to leather, rubber and upholstery. This product is claimed to be CFC-free and can remove oil, stains, moulds and more. The 3M foaming car interior cleaner is easy to use and will not damage your car’s leather and leatherette surfaces. This compound gives the seats, upholstery, dashboard and other plastics a new-car-like shine.

How to use 3M foam cleaner?

  • Remove any dust from the surface to be cleaned.
  • Spray the 3M foam cleaner onto the surfaces.
  • After some time, wipe off the foam with a clean microfibre cloth.
Buy 3M Foam car interior cleaner
3M Car Dashboard DresserĀ 

3M Car Dashboard Dresser 

Dashboard dresser compounds will give your car’s dashboard a new, shiny look. The 3M car dashboard dresser is a popular Amazon buy. It can be used on dashboards, door panels, interior plastics and trims. It is effective on plastic, vinyl, rubber and glossy surfaces. It is non-greasy and delivers a high-gloss finish. The dashboard dresser can be applied on clean, dry surfaces, with wax pads or sponges.

Check price on Amazon

Using these products effectively would get your car interior clean and shining like new. The finishing touch here would be adding the right fragrance to the car. You can choose a car freshener that suits your vibe. You can use our previous listicles for the best perfume recommendations and affordable car freshener ideas.

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What is a car cleaning gel?

Car cleaning gel is used for cleaning Car Air Vents, Steering Wheel, Console Panel, Storage Bins, Cup Hangers, Door Handle, Dashboard areas and other hard to reach places within the cabin. It is easy to use and delivers good cleansing action. It can be reused.

Which cloth is better for car cleaning, microfiber or cotton?

Microfiber clothes and cotton will not deliver the same results in cleaning. Depending on the quality and thickness (in GSM), microfiber clothes will give varying results. Cotton and low quality clothes could leave wipe marks upon use, and bring about compromised cleaning/drying of the metal surface.

What are the best pressure washers for car cleaning?

Instead of giving you a name or two in answer, here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best pressure washer for car cleaning: pressure level, water flow rate, and additional features like purpose-specific filters. High pressure, flow rate and low power consumption are considered ideal.

How do I keep the tires of a car clean and shining? What should I use to clean the tires?

Keeping the tyres clean and shining can be done by using tyre dressers. These are compounds that can be applied to clean dry tyre surfaces. Doing so will give them a rich, Black shiny look and consistent use could also prevent cracking.

What are the essential car cleaning products that you need to have to keep your car clean inside and out?

For a beginner, consider having the following:
pressure wahser, foam shampoo, interior foam cleaner, car wax and microfibre clothes.
However, we have made the best car cleaning kit for 2024, using the best products we know of. If serious about car hygiene, consider using our list!

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