Attending The Toyota Hilux Metal Arena Experience In Kochi

The curated metal ramps course demonstrated the true capabilities of the truck

Toyota recently held a curated off-road experience event for the Hilux pickup truck in Kochi. Aimed at demonstrating the truck’s true abilities, the course had a bunch of carefully designed obstacles. The event took place on June 22nd and 23rd, amid monsoons…

Toyota Hilux Metal Arena Experience

Why do they call it the Metal Arena? Unlike those hardcore offroading courses with lots of slush, off-beat forests, rocks and mountains, this track has been designed with precision and using multiple metal ramps!

The obstacles here have been crafted by experts to demonstrate the vehicle’s abilities without compromising on safety. These would put to test key factors of the truck like agility, dynamics, articulation, climbs and endurance.

Attending The Toyota Hilux Metal Arena Experience In Kochi 1

I loved the way the Hilux behaved on the slalom, despite its wheelbase, bulk and the ladder frame chassis. The IMV2 chassis is known for its ruggedness and articulation. It tackled the articulation obstacles with ease. The most exciting parts of the course were the steep climb, side inclines, and seesaw. Watch these in this video.

The vehicle did the ‘Steep Climb’ almost effortlessly. We had the ‘4L’ engaged here. Also noteworthy are the precision and efficiency of the ‘Downhill Assist’. The way it crawls down steep slopes, and how quickly it adapts to safe speeds, are quite interesting.

Attending The Toyota Hilux Metal Arena Experience In Kochi 2

Toyota Hilux: What Is It?

Toyota Hilux is in many ways, a unique product. It is so unique with its proportions, genre and abilities that even a ‘hefty for its kind‘ price tag and supply chain crises could not fail it! Measuring 5,325 mm in length, 1,855 mm in width, 1,815 mm in height and with a wheelbase of 3,085 mm, the Hilux is quite large.

It is built on the same IMV2 ladder-on-frame chassis as the Fortuner. However, it gets a different, tougher suspension setup, at the cost of the softer ride quality that you’d normally associate with the Fortuner. The Hilux is powered by the same 2.8L four-cylinder turbocharged diesel (GD series) engine that is good enough to produce 204hp and 420 Nm (MT). The automatic version that we drove here, produces a whopping 500 Nm!

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