Twin Turbo 2.0L Diesel Engine Not In The Plans For The Current Generation Ford Endeavour [Report]

A national publishing house has let out the news that the bi-turbo engine would make its India-debut only in the next generation Ford Endeavour.

The Ford Endeavour is a car that has earned immense respect over time among the SUV enthusiasts for its vast offroading potentials. While most of us have been waiting for the BS6 Ford Endeavour to get a twin-turbo 2.0 L diesel engine sometime soon, Autocar India reports that the same would not hold true as the manufacturer is planning to bring in the twin-turbo diesel only in the next generation of the SUV.

The current generation of the Endeavour had initially been offered with two engines to choose from- a 2.2L and 3.2L diesels. However, the BS6 transition that had happened earlier this year meant that a new 2.0L, four-cylinder diesel engine now found a place under the Endeavour’s hood. The new mill, referred to as the ‘Panther’ within the company, comes in the 170hp guise, powered by its single turbocharger. This essentially makes up for the equivalent of the previous 2.2L unit. Thus, the fun and added grunt of the 3.2L unit of the older model are obviously missing on the BS6 Endeavour.

In many international markets where the SUV is sold as the Ford Everest, a second engine option, that of the same 2.0L Panther engine but with two turbochargers, is also available for purchase. This twin-turbo engine is capable of producing 213hp and 500Nm, an apt replacement for the older 3.2L mill. Enthusiasts here have been hoping for Ford to give this engine an Indian debut. As per the reports, the Endeavour will get the new engine only in its next generation.

Codenamed as U704, the next-generation Ford Endeavour is expected to launch in India sometime in the second half of 2021. Details are scarce about the car at the moment. But we expect the next-gen Endeavour to have a larger grille and slimmer headlamps and a thoroughly upright stance. The cabin too will get significant redesigns. A few mules have been spotted testing globally, all suggesting the same.

Image Source: Ford India
News Source: Autocar India

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