Hero Motocorp Resumes Business In India

Keeping the pandemic in mind, Hero Motocorp has implemented strict safety instructions at all its facilities and dealerships

Hero Motocorp had restarted its production recently, about which we had told you through a previous post. Now, the various customer touchpoints and showrooms of the bike maker have also sprung into operation and have restarted their business.

Over 1500 customer touchpoints have been reopened and are hoped to revive Hero sales soon. Official sources indicate that over 1000 units have so far been sold nationwide post the reopening. Hero Motocorp’s first dispatch from the manufacturing facilities for the current fiscal (FY21) commenced on May 7th. The Hero plants had reopened on May 4, 2020.

Hero Motocorp has put the utmost care on employee safety in the current scenario. The manufacturer has distributed detailed restart manuals among its dealer partners and at other touchpoints. It has also been conducting intense training programs for the employees on their safety. Apart from providing key safety materials like masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc, Hero has also ensured proper cleaning and fumigation of all its outlets. Effective social distancing is being observed in the workforce as well. Digital payments are preferred and promoted over liquid cash.