Gravton Quanta Electric Bike Launched, Claims 100 Km At Rs 10!

Gravton Quanta offers astonishing torque figures of 172 Nm!

Hyderabad-based EV startup Gravton has announced the launch of a product that could start a revolution in the EV space. Dubbed Gravton Quanta, this electric bike has true potential for being a real alternative to fossil fuel vehicles. It is a true in-house product by the manufacturer and has a sticker-price of Rs 99,000. The manufacturer has envisioned the Quanta as a ‘Made-for-India’ purpose driven electric vehicle and is currently offering free access to the Gravton charging network, as a promotional perk to its customers.

Gravton Quanta: Design And Performance

The Quanta has multiple highlights to boast of. The bike has been designed from scratch by the manufacturer after having deep R&D done in the Indian context. It also has high degrees of localization and has almost all of its components indigenously sourced/manufactured.

The overall design might look a tad too robust. Quanta gets what Gravton says is the world’s first Rib caged chassis. This setup is claimed to increase the agility of the vehicle and provide better safety to the battery pack from theft and accident. A fine-tuned suspension unit works together with this chassis geometry to provide a highly agile ride even on unpaved roads. The Quanta can thus cater to the urban and rural commuting demands with the same efficiency.

Gravton Quanta electric bike

Gravton Quanta is powered by a 3KW Brush Less DC (BLDC) electric motor mated to a 3 kWh Lithium Ion batterypack. Together, these can deliver 172 Nm of instantaneous torque. The e bike has a top speed of 70 km/h and a range of 150 kilometers per charge (expandable upto 320km), roughly averaging to 100 kilometers for a charge worth Rs 10! The Quanta supports fast charging, whereby the battery can hit 100% charge in just 90 minutes, while a regular charge would require 3 hours for the same. The scooter also supports battery swapping (Gravton is developing its own battery swapping network under the name ‘Swap Eco System’ (SES))

To keep pace with ithe commendable technical specifications, the Quanta gets large 17 inch wheels and a low set center of gravity as well.

App-Based Control

Another major highlight of the Gravton Quanta is the SMART APP, which lends you total control and transparency over the bike. You can get anything from roadside assistance and navigation to information of the overall vehicle health, through this.