Hero Motocorp Sets Up New Vertical For Harley Davidson Sales

Hero Motocorp’s business vertical for Harley Davidson products has a promising leadership as well !

It’s been quite some time since we started talking about the Harley-Hero business collaboration. The American motorcycle giant had recently announced that it would be reworking its India ops and strategies as part of its ‘Rewire’ business model and would be continuing its India business through a partnership with Hero Motocorp. Months past the same, we now have the news of Hero Motocorp having set up a separate business vertical for Harley Davidson.

The new vertical would focus on driving more business to the Harley Davidson product, accessories and merchandise lineup. HD has a line of populer models on sale here. They are also offering various branded rider and lifestyle accessories and merchandise as well. The new vertical would be led by global automotive expert Ravi Avalur, who will report directly to Hero Motocorp CEO, Pawan Munjhal. Ravi has had successful runs at Ducati India and Engines and engine components manufacturer Cooper, prior to joining Hero. Hero’s Harley team has four executives from Harley Davidson’s erstwhile India ops wing as well.

The business restructuring also includes reworking the retailer network. Hero Motocorp has onboarded as many as 11 existing Harley Davidson dealers in key geographic areas and have also started commensing wholesale dispatches of HD products as well.

Hero Motorcorp has plans of expanding their reach beyond these 11 retailers and to more locations pan India. With more retailer facilities and service outlets coming up, owning a Harley Davidson would soon become smoother and more hassle-free.