Hero XClan Platform Launched For Hero XPulse Owners

Hero XPulse riders finally get a riding/exploration clan!

Hero XPulse is in huge demand pan India and continues to contribute fair chunks to the manufacturer’s monthly volumes. Building on this acceptance, Hero Motocorp has now launched a new community riding platform for XPulse 200 owners, called XCLAN. This is essentially the first official owner’s group for the ADV here. Hero has plans of providing various Xpulse customers with opportunities to meet, greet, ride together and share experiences with each other. Customer engagement, cohort building, and brand education remain the key ideas behind the initiative.

Hero has already launched the program in 5 cities-Dehradun, Guwahati, Bengaluru, Cochin, and Mumbai. More are expected to join soon. XCLAN membership would get the XPulse customers goodies, free Hero Goodlife Platinum access, and invitations to chapter rides and rally events, in addition to networking opportunities. Hero Motocorp is currently charging an annual fee of Rs 2000 per rider, for this. XCLAN engagement and chapter rides will begin in July this year, across 3 categories: Sunrise rides, overnight rides, and Expedition rides.

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