Jaguar To Supply Gen 3 Formula E Powertrain Tech To Envision Racing

Two of Formula E’s most successful teams unite on the upcoming Gen 3 powertrain tech

Jaguar and Envision Racing are among the big names in the Formula E scene. These teams have now announced an upcoming customer supply relationship for the fast-approaching Gen 3 Formula E era. Jaguar will supply its successful powertrain technology to the fellow-British team under this agreement. The relationship will start at the launch of the 2022/23 season.

Formula E is readying to embrace its third generation. The gen 3 racing will have highly advanced all-electric racing cars delivering state-of-the-art performance, efficiency and sustainability. Jaguar will supply the latest generation of its high-voltage electric motor, inverter, transmission, cooling system, casing and suspension to Envision Racing for the Gen 3 era. It has Williams Advanced Engineering as the long term technical partner for Formula E. This partnership has spawned a powertrain that is to an extent, the benchmark in FIA Formula E. Envision Racing can now enjoy the benefits of this as well. Four Jaguar powered race cars would thus hit the track for the next season.

Together, Envision Racing and Jaguar factor team have 15 wins and more than 40 podiums between them. This association, would thus benefit both, through an active exchange of technical expertise in Formula E. The duo would continue to remain rivals on the track for the upcoming seasons as well.

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