Jaguar Land Rover Announces 2030 Sustainability Targets

JLR aims to achieve up to 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed its sustainability targets for the imminent future. The carmaker has plans of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across its manufacturing and operations by around 46 percent by the year 2030. The vision is to achieve 1.5°C emissions reduction in line with the Paris agreement.

The future vehicles from Jaguar and Land Rover would have a strong focus on keeping emissions under check. The emissions would be brought down by 54-60 percent in the years to come.

After achieving the 2030 targets, JLR will start working towards attaining zero emissions across its supply chain, product and operations by 2039, coinciding with its Reimagine strategy. Here, great attention would be put on decarbonizing the design, materials, manufacturing, and supply chains. Care would also be taken for the effective end-of-life treatment of the EV components.

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To handcraft and realise its sustainability vision, Jaguar Land Rover has assigned Rossella Cardone the newly created role of the sustainability director.

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