Jaguar Land Rover Revamps Its Online Car Buying Portals!

The online sales portals from Jaguar and Land Rover have undergone serious enhancements to provide for better customer experience during the tough times of today

Jaguar Land Rover must have been among the first few to bring the idea of online car-buying to India. They had launched their portals dubbed Findmeacar for Jaguars and Findmeasuv for Land Rovers back in 2016. With the current pandemic in play and the focus shifting to online sales globally, JLR has revamped these websites and enhanced them with features and options that would provide for added convenience to their customers.

The online buying portals have undergone significant improvements and have gotten easier navigation and added features. The sites now offer a unique comparison feature, online chat, and click to call facility, to better suit customer needs. Also, the customers have the option to choose a ready delivery vehicle or go for one tailor-made to suit their requirement, to be delivered on a later date. The sites also provide options for buyers to get precise ideas of trade-ins.

JLR has also updated the official websites of Jaguar and Land Rover and has incorporated into them, the option to book a service to one’s vehicle with the click of a button. You could now log in to these sites, enter your vehicle details, select the type of service, block a date, time and dealer and get the chore done with ease. There is also an option for a contactless pickup and delivery on offer as well.

Even with the pandemic in play, Jaguar Land Rover is readying many a launches these days. Jaguar had recently launched the new F Type, while Land Rover had launched the new Discovery Sport sometime before the pandemic outbreak. We expect the sales of all these models to shift to the online portals soon.


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