Jaguar Land Rover To Gradually Resume Production From May 18!

Jaguar Land Rover hopes to restart production as the distancing guidelines are being relaxed in many parts of the world

Carmakers across the globe have been on an operations halt for quite some time now, owing to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. As the situations at many parts of the world are being brought under control, we see many countries relaxing their distancing guidelines and the various businesses getting back to function. Jaguar Land Rover is apparently taking the same route and has announced the production to resume gradually from the 18th of May.

The carmaker will start by bringing back to work their plants in the UK, Slovakia and Austria. The other plants will restart as and when the respective countries ease their distancing guidelines. In China, however, things have been brought under absolute control. The market there has regained traction, vehicle sales have made their recoveries and customers are returning to showrooms. Jaguar Land Rover’s joint venture plant in Changshu had restarted its operations back in mid-Feb.

With the plants reopening, JLR takes every possible measure to monitor employee safety and adopts strict social distancing measures among its workforce. They are striving to provide a safe and hygienic working environment to their employees.

jaguar land rover

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