Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Roadster Debuts In GT7

Polyphony Digital’s popular video game gets what could be called the ultimate Jaguar on its newest edition!

Gran Turismo is among the most loved video games among car-fanatics. The larger share of us loves it for the cars involved than the gaming (read driving) experience as such. The game has, over its generations, spawned some seriously ludicrous concepts to drive around in, virtually. Some of these have even formed inspirations for menacing production cars as well! The Playstation-based video game’s latest iteration- Gran Turismo 7, is now out, featuring an open-top Jaguar that would steal a breath or two. (Of course, is is just one of the many exciting cars the game has…)

You can now own and race a 1000+ hp topless electric supercar on your gaming console! The roadster is the final addition to the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Trilogy. The single-seater will exist as a virtual game car alone and would not translate to a production form. However, we think this could have made much sense as an exotic limited-run supercar collectible, costing no less than 2 million per piece, if put to production.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Roadster: A Design That’d Rob Your Eyes!

Jaguar Vision GT Roadster has a sleek design with a high aesthetic quotient. The overall design is more or less a mild, modern, and magnificent nod to the legendary Jaguar D Type Le Man’s car from 1950s and the XK-SS. Out of the two, it is to the D Type that the Vision GT roadster stands the nearest to. The dorsal fin on the concept is a direct endorsement of the D Type DNA! The 1950s race car was quite noted for this. On the Gran Turismo roadster, this fin gets deployed at high speeds improving the overall stability significantly.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Roadster Debuts In GT7 1
Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Roadster game car

Other design highlights on the game car include dual ring lights at the front that underline its retro nature, angular light strips, a sleek wraparound windscreen that looks straight out of the future, a thoroughly overhauled grille, new two-piece front splitter, and finally a unique Black and Grey livery to celebrate the occasion and the car.

In our opinion, this could be the best-looking car in the trilogy. It goes smooth on your eyes, with its sleek shape and smooth surfaces. We wonder if ‘aerodynamic’ would still be the right term to describe a design this smooth and slippery!

Powertrain Details And Performance

The Vision Gran Turismo roadster borrows the 2019 GT Coupe’s powertrain and is obviously electric. It gets the same 3 motor setup from the 2019 car, with identical output figures. The motors are all light, compact units developed with the experience gained from Formula E. These, together with the powerful, low-sitting Lithium-ion battery pack can produce around 1006 hp and 1200 Nm! 0-100 kph is done in around 2 seconds and the roadster has a top speed of over 320 kph!

What would excite you more would be the way this car handles. Taking lessons from Formula E, the battery pack is mounted as low as possible, on the GT Roadster. The chassis and suspension have also been designed to offer the sharpest handling possible. Now before you would confuse it to be otherwise, all these are experienced virtually and the roadster remains a mere game car…

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Roadster Debuts In GT7 2
Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Trilogy

The roadster with its proportions and construction, offers state-of-the-art track manners, with a low center of gravity, low roll centre, and almost 50:50 weight distribution. One of the 3 motors powers the front axle while the rest drive the rear wheels! Accessing the 750kW with this bias would definitely be exciting.

Should you wish to race the Vision GT Roadster, Polyphony’s Gran Turismo 7 is now available on PS4 and PS5. Turn on your console and let’s get gaming!

Hold On! GT7 Also Has Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV!

Yes, we had known it to make its premiere in the GT7, and it’s time…Jaguar had revealed the vision Gran Turismo SV in December 2020, and left us shocked with the specifications. This insane game car has a 4-motor electric powertrain that could churn out a massive 1900 hp! The endurance racer has a top speed of 410 kph and is now available to drive in the newest edition of the video game…

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