Lamborghini Urus Supports Aaron Durogati At Red Bull X Alps 2021

The X Alps puts the terrain-handling abilities of the Urus to rigorous testing

Red Bull X Alps 2021 is now commencing and we are overwhelmed by the sight of a rather unlikely support car in action. Italian athlete Aaron Durogati has a support car that not every athlete gets to enjoy- a Lamborghini Urus! This season will have all its 33 athletes complete the 1238 kilometers of the course completely by ‘hike and fly’. The 36-year-old, 2-time world paragliding champion Durogati seems to have the perfect companion this time. The Urus has been following him through all the mandatory checkpoints so far, irrespective of the challenging terrain and climate conditions of the Alps.

The Lamborghini Urus, as you might already know, has a massive 4.0L Twin turbo V8 as its heart, producing 650 hp and 850 Nm. Despite boasting of stunning performance figures, the SUV is also equally good on terrains. These terrain-handling abilities are being underlined on its role at X Alps. The Urus carries the entire support team of Durogati, while keeping pace with him during the race. The ability to take terrains at any pace gives the Urus the advantage it deserves.

Lamborghini Urus Supports Aaron Durogati At Red Bull X Alps 2021 1

The Urus support car was also used by the athlete during his practice sessions earlier this month. The Red Bull X Alps is highly sought after by the various UV manufacturers as a worthy proving ground for their SUVs. You might remember our previous story on Land Rover deploying a fleet of Defenders as the support cars for the 2021 season.

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