New Land Rover Defender Is The Support Vehicle At Red Bull X-Alps 2021

Truly a worthy place for the new Defender to prove its brawn!

Red Bull X-Alps ranks among the toughest adventure races/endurance tests in the world. A strong mix of hiking, ultra-running, mountaineering and paragliding across five countries and multiple terrains and weather conditions, the X Alps puts its athletes to mad tests of endurance! This hardcore sport has got a worthy vehicle partner for 2021- the Land Rover Defender! Land Rover will be sending a fleet of Defender 110s as support vehicles this time, which will provide transport and shelter to the athletes throughout the race.

These Defenders will have Autohome Roof tents, which when deployed, could provide recovery/rest place to the athletes and the crew. They will also have Land Rover’s portable Rinse system, Exterior side mounted gear carriers, integrated air compressors, and integrated 4G Wifi, further upping its effiency.

The SUVs will also be loaded with supplies and equipment. If you would remember, the new Defender has a maximum payload of 900 kilograms, a dynamic roof load of 168 kilos and a static 300 kilos. These abilities would make it just the perfect fit for this role. Needless to say, the Terrain Response 2 on the new Defender essentially means that it can be pushed as much as the athletes on these terrains, or even more maybe!

New Land Rover Defender Is The Support Vehicle At Red Bull X-Alps 2021 1

The 1,238 km course is spread across five countries, featuring the Alpine landscape- Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France. A total of 32 athletes will compete this year. On an average day, they would hike over 50 kilometers with vertical ascents of up to 5000 meters! The race is scheduled from June 20 to July 2, 2021.

Seven Athletes To Be Supported

Land Rover will be supporting seven athletes this season, including six-time X Alps winner Christian Maurer. Red Bull X Alps veterans Paul Guschlbauer (Austria), Gavin McClurg (USA), Tobias Grossrubatscher (Italy), and Markus Anders (Germany) will also enjoy backups while Laurie Genovese and Théo de Blic of France will compete as part of team Land Rover!