Land Rover Defender OCTA To Be The Most Powerful Defender Ever!

The Defender Octa will debut this year…

Jaguar Land Rover is about to add a new model to the Defender lineup, and there is a lot to be excited about! The British manufacturer has announced what it calls the toughest, most powerful and most luxurious Defender ever built- the Defender Octa.

Test mules of this high-performance all-terrain hero were recently spotted testing in the UK. Back then, no official word on the nomenclature was available, and many including us, were led into calling it the Defender SVR. But here it is. The Defender Octa- with the ‘Octa’ in its name relating to a diamond’s octahedron shape.

land rover defender octa test mule

Defender Octa – The Most Powerful Ever Built

The Defender Octa gets the most powerful powertrain any of its kind has ever had. It is powered by a BMW-sourced 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. This engine produces 618hp and 800Nm on the Range Rover Sport SV. It remains to be seen what output it would make on the Defender Octa.

Another major highlight is the suspension setup. The Defender OCTA will borrow its suspension from the RR Sport SV. It will have what the manufacturer calls ‘6D Dynamic’ suspension- essentially a hydraulic interlinked air suspension. This setup is claimed to deliver unmatched comfort, control and dynamics on both on-road and off-road sprints.

Acceleration, braking and cornering on-road will not unsettle the occupants. The setup will also offer more wheel travel and better articulation, making tough off-road journeys easy and comfortable. The suspension actively controls the vehicle’s pitch and roll without a physical anti-roll bar. Plus, the high-performance Defender gets a set of bespoke Brembo brakes.

Land Rover Defender OCTA To Be The Most Powerful Defender Ever! 1
Image: Defender Octa’s brakes by Brembo

Land Rover has been testing the Defender Octa on the most extreme conditions- from snow, sand and mud to the Nürburgring Tarmac!

Defender Octa Booking And Launch Details

Land Rover will launch the production-spec Defender OCTA later this year. Interested buyers can now make their reservations, even though no official word on the possible prices has yet surfaced.

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