High-Performance Land Rover Defender SVR (OCTA) Spotted Testing!

Ain’t your average Defender!

Update: Land Rover has decided to call the high-performance SUV Defender OCTA, instead of going with the SVR tag.

It’s more hardcore than your everyday Defender and that’s why the upcoming Land Rover Defender OCTA is getting lots of eyeballs from fans of the brand.

No amount of camouflage could stop the internet from exploding as shutterbugs picked up the high-performance Land Rover that’s inbound early next year. The manufacturer may not have decided on the acronym to add at the end of the name. But we almost have the feeling that it could be getting the SVR tag. So let’s call it by the name until the British carmaker’s marketing chaps zero in on the actual nomenclature. 

Spotted at Aylesbury, United Kingdom, the heavily camouflaged test mule did give away a few clues for the detectives out there. The SVR has big wheel arches, hinting at a wider track. The package tease also includes quad exit exhaust and that’s always been an indicator of a bump in performance.

High-Performance Land Rover Defender SVR (OCTA) Spotted Testing! 1

X user @hjwakerly who shot the range-topping SUV mentions the distinctive V8 growl the text mule produced and that should be coming from the rumored BMW-sourced twin-turbo V8 nestling under the hood. Speaking of the hood, expect that to come with a massive bulge. And we are placing our bets on some serious styling revisions overall, the list to feature the likes of fancier wheels and aggressively styled bumpers.

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Before we wind up, let’s probe into that BMW-sourced engine which may see itself getting bolted onto the chassis of the Defender SVR. Currently being employed in both the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport SV, the 4.4-litre V8 produces 626 hp and 590 lb-ft. Not bad for an SUV which is set to take on the AMG G63.

High-Performance Land Rover Defender SVR (OCTA) Spotted Testing! 2

We wonder how Land Rover will prep the high-performance Defender though. Will it be a land-missile which will be more about hugging the road and clocking blistering speeds on the tarmac? Or will it be a rugged, all-conquering, mind-blowingly fast offroader? We’ll dig it either way…

Image Source: X