Boopesh Reddy (Bren Garage) Buys India’s First Ferrari Purosangue SUV

Ferrari’s first-ever SUV costs 10.5 Cr in India!

Boopesh Reddy, Founder and Managing Director of Bren Corporation, has an enviable collection of supercars and drool-worthy sports cars. The 51-year-old real estate juggernaut from Bengaluru has added India’s first Ferrari Purosangue to this private collection- fondly called the ‘Bren Garage’.

The newest Ferrari of Bren Garage boasts a ‘Nero Daytona’ colourway. The wheels too are finished in Black but with Red brake callipers. The interior is finished in an elegant shade of Brown. A video posted by Reddy on his Instagram gives a quick look at the Bren Garage Purosangue’s key details. Also of interest is the fact that this Purosangue will be sharing its garage with Bren’s Urus, a model that kickstarted the ‘Super SUV’ trend globally!

Boopesh Reddy (Bren Garage) Buys India’s First Ferrari Purosangue SUV 2
Image: Boopesh Reddy with his new Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari Purosangue – First Ever Four-Door Ferrari SUV!

The Purosangue is Ferrari’s first-ever SUV. It hardly fits in the ‘SUV stereotype’ with its design. It could look a lot like a Lusso on heavy doses of steroids, at first glance. But it is far from anything of the Lusso sort. It has four seats, four doors and a high ride height that makes it practical even for the Indian roads!

Boopesh Reddy (Bren Garage) Buys India’s First Ferrari Purosangue SUV 3
Image: Ferrari Purosangue of Bren Garage

While Maranello’s newest SUV could be inspired by Lamborghini’s epic success with the Urus, the Purosangue outruns the Lambo in what could probably be the most significant area- the powertrain! Unlike the Urus which features a 4.0L Turbocharged V8, the Ferrari SUV comes with a full-blown 6.5L naturally aspirated V12! The massive powerhouse is capable of producing 725 hp and 716 Nm. 0-100kph is achieved in just 3.3 seconds!

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Unlike most things you’d possibly associate with the term ‘SUV’, the Purosangue’s design has a strong focus on aerodynamics and the development phases involved long wind-tunnel sessions- as was later revealed by the manufacturer.

Boopesh Reddy (Bren Garage) Buys India’s First Ferrari Purosangue SUV 4
Image: Ferrari Purosangue interior

Ferrari has tried its best to pack the cabin with creature comforts and liveability enhancements, making this the most comfortable Ferrari of our time. There’s everything from comfortable seats with heating and cooling functions to a digital cockpit and co-driver display!

Ferrari Purosangue Price In India

Shortly after commencing delivery to the Bren Garage, Ferrari revealed the Purosangue’s price in India. The V12 Super SUV from Maranello has a base price of Rs 10.5 Crores in India. Interestingly, this isn’t just for a barebones super SUV. Ferrari offers ample kit/specs on the base Purosangue. These include commonly specced things like flank shields, painted callipers, upgraded wheels, contrast stitching, and a suspension lift function for both axles. Additional personalisations will be charged…

Images Source: Instagram | Boopesh Reddy (@bren_garage)

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