Tesla Cybertruck Owner Banned for Attempted Flipping!

Tesla is real serious when it comes to dealing with new owners trying to sell off their Cybertrucks too soon.

There is a large number of new-car buyers out there who reserve their slots for an all-new, super-hyped, sought-after car, only to sell off the vehicle at a hefty premium soon. These “flippers” who take advantage of limited supply and huge demand have always managed to annoy carmakers and car buyers alike.  Because of this controversial and extremely uncool practice, many manufacturers get their customers to sign an agreement which forbids the latter from selling their new car too soon. Alternatively, warnings are issued alerting of dire consequences.

Tesla is one such company and recently they followed through with the threat, with a Tesla Cybertruck owner at the receiving end. The electric carmaker had previously issued warnings to its customers, reminding them not to sell their Cybertrucks within the first year of ownership. Either this particular customer didn’t get that memo or wasn’t expecting the company to take the action it had warned of.

tesla issues warning to cybertruck owner
Image: Screenshot of Tesla’s warning to Cybertruck owner

Cybertruck Owner’s Club user malinecentral had posted their new Cybertruck for sale on various online automotive marketplaces for a whopping $242,069! It didn’t take long for Tesla to see the posts. The VIN number in the ads made it easier for the company to track down the owner and they immediately took measures to ban ‘malinecentral’ from placing any more orders. Two existing orders which had already been placed were cancelled as well.

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tesla cybertruck

Tesla has refunded the amounts pertaining to the aforementioned reservations. However, they have clearly mentioned that all future reservations will be cancelled without refunds. The official letter read, “Moving forward, any future orders placed by you will be cancelled without a refund of the $100 reservation or $250 order fee as official notification has been provided to you regarding this matter.” Fortunately, the carmaker hasn’t banned the customer from servicing existing cars though.

It remains to be seen if Tesla will extend this ban to all ‘Cybertruck flipping’ customers out there. If yes, then it could spell trouble for a handful of other Cybertruck owners who have placed their electric pickups on sale on various marketplaces online, especially since the prices being slapped on these ads are twice or thrice that of an all-new Tesla Cybertruck.